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    My girlfriend and i has 2 kids one is three and a newborn lil boy.with our daughter she was not fond of pacifiers and would not take them so we are new to this pacifier thing and I wanted to know how soon should we try and introduce him to one???


  • 28 days ago

    RE: Pacifiers

    Hi Hope he is like your daughter then, there ok and do there job but you have to pick a time to stop there use otherwise you end with a 7 year old walking round with one, a big one, my wife said when there ready.

  • 20 days ago

    RE: Pacifiers

    My ex said no pacifiers for our son (he has 3 other boys <2 different moms> and none of them had a pacifier). That was his 1 rule (mine was no bottles in bed <I was nursing anyway>). My son was SUPER colicky. He never needed a pacifier. Even at his worse with the colic in daycare, I always had a pacifier in his diaper bag, but his care-givers said he wouldn't take it. (I would just come by and give him Mylicon).
    So it's mostly a parental preference. But I totally agree with previous comments. IF you DO decide to let him have it, no-one will fault you. Just don't let him keep it when he's too old for it. Most daycares demand toddlers be off bottles now at 1-year old. (They are supposed to be on sippy cups.) So there is definitely no need for pacifiers at this age, either.
      • 12 days ago
        I can understand everyones concern but most of us have had a thumb to suck. Surely smoking is a substitute for the breast and nipple.In Britain we are fortunate in calling a "Pacifier" a "Dummy" short for a"Dummy Tit"
      • 6 days ago
        Hi John also from the UK and never heard of that, Dummy Tit, wonder what Dummy thought that up.