• 6 months ago

    Advice on 2 month old with formula and constipation

    I accidently bought the wrong kind of formula for the sitter. After work I went to the store and bought the formula. I bought the Walmart brand instead of get her due to not getting paycheck till Friday. Well I accidently bought the wrong one and the sitter fed my daughter 2 bottles of it. She got sick and threw up a couple of times. I got the right kind but still the Walmart brand but Similac sensitive that she normally has but the purple label for Gerber. Well she has kept a couple bottles down today and has also thrown up a couple of bottles. But she's also constipated. But she has had a regular bowel moment within the last hour. Due to going to work in the early am. My sister who is the sitter took my daughter for the night to her house. But my daughter has threw up the 2 oz she has ate since the regular bowel movement. She is still going pee and does poop at times. It started around 12pm yesterday. But hasn't been vomiting the whole time. She's kept some bottles down and hasn't kept some bottles down. She's acting totally normal. Still her bubbly self and smiling and fully aware and going pee and sleeping like normal. She still has regular skin complexion. So should I take her to the hospital . Last time I experienced this. Her Dr said since she still was going to the bathroom and still keeping some formula down that she wasn't dehydrated and to slowly feed what she can keep down. Bit when it happened before she was really constipated. So I don't know if I should treat it the same. I want to help and be here for my daughter. But if the hospital isn't what she needs I don't want to put her thru that if not needed. When she was first born she spent a lil over 2 weeks in the hospital due to my smoking cigarettes while pregnant. Which I regret bit I'm human and make mistakes. But she's fine and healthy but I wanted to fully make sure she wasn't going to suffer due to me smoking while I was pregnant. So any advice would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the over explaining. It's just been 9 yrs since I had a baby. My son never had these problems. So I want to make sure I'm doing all that I can for my daughter.