• over 2 years ago

    Recurring, Intermittent Low Grade Fevers

    My daughter is 6, has some kind of immune disorder ( they have yet to figure what), and for the last couple of weeks has been having a recurring, intermittent low grade fever. It has gone up to 101.3, and hovers at it's lowest around 99.5. We take it rectally, per her pediatrician, so we know it is an accurate temp. She has been as high as 104 in the past with illness, and had a temporal say she was only 99, so the ped says stick with rectal. With the fever, the only symptoms is she seems a little more tired, wants to cuddle a lot. She is very pale and is getting purple circles under her eyes. Heart rate and O2 sats are great. She has had multiple flu and strep swabs, all negative and just had a PCR on Monday, also negative.

    She has a low IGa (last two reads were 19 and 14). IGG is all over the place, sometimes just barely normal, sometime low. She has two heart murmurs, both benign.

    We are at a loss and VERY concerned. Something is wrong, you don't run fevers for no reason, but no one seems to know. Help.