• 7 months ago

    6 year old sudden behavioral changes

    I have a 6 year old son who has always been such a great kid. I mean he was just sooo good! And he's still not a "horrible" kid. He just keeps asking the same thing 12x even though you have answered. Maybe we have told him no to something or that he can only bring 5 toys with him. He just keeps asking. He's had his ears checked before and I know he hears us. Mostly little things but every 5 mins that drive us nuts. Then he told his father yesterday he was thinking in his head he didn't love him but he does. Today he doesn't love me as much as cartoons. We've tried time outs, grounding, taking things away, sitting down and talking to him and recently a rewards system if he's good. It's so sad for me because he was amazing and it's such small things and we've told him 1000x. I've asked him is something going on in school? No. He doesn't really go anywhere else that we aren't with him. There's been no big changes that I can think of. He does great in school. I like to think we are pretty good parents. He has a good life. He's been sick alot for 1 1/2 years. Since he started school. He's been on every medication out there and gets allergy shots. We recently had his blood tested and found he had super low antibodies for a bacteria. All he needed was a shot called pneumovax. He got that. He's sick again so we are still trying to figure that out. No big changes in his medication. I want to blame something but I just can't figure anything out. I'm honestly about to lose my mind! He had a Doctor appointment in 2 weeks and I can't get in sooner. I planned on asking then if they had any ideas but I need some ideas NOW PLEASE!