• 7 months ago


    Hello! My little one is 15 months and has recently started daycare. It is a home based with about 12 kids and parents recommended the place. They seem to try their best to get my little one settled in. Yesterday I noticed this when I was doing a diaper change. I asked them about it but they said they had not seen it on any other kids and will be asking the person who did the diaper change if they saw it. I asked my dr and was told it seems like eczema. My lo was happy after daycare and didn't cry when I touched the spots. The doctor would know if it was brusing right? I'm assuming they are trained to look for signs of abuse. I plan on again telling the daycare about it and asking them to be careful and monitor it. Just wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this? I have been told by family that it looks more like a rash / allergy versus someone grabbing but a mom always worries. Also it's mostly on one leg, with very slight redness on the other leg.