• over 1 year ago

    2 year old vomiting

    Okay, so Saturday( 3/3/18) night our 2 year old started vomiting around 9pm at first we thought nothing of it he ate some bad food no big deal, well the next night (Sunday night) our one year old start vomiting even worse! Then our two year old so, we decide to take him in, well while waiting at the hospital, I started vomiting in the bathroom while my wife is taking care of our one year old so I knew at this point a stomach bug hit our house, no big deal we wait it out everything will be fine, well, come Monday everyone in the house is feeling crapy but no one is puking. Now the next day Tuesday ( 3/6/18) at this point my 2 year old hasn't vomited since Saturday night everything is good, he eating, he's drinking, playing with his brother, well come about 730pm that night he puked again!!! (About 4 times) and I find this very odd cause for me and my wife we both puked a couple times the first night and we were good, so my question is, is it normal for toddlers to puke a few days after feeling Better? I read a few experiences say yes it is that the 24hr bug really only applies to adults with built up immune systems but in toddlers it can last up too 10 days, I'm just worried he's getting sick again, and my second question is, does this mean me and my wife are gonna get sick again? Cause we can't miss any more work.