• over 3 years ago

    Help! How to discipline in public?

    My DS is almost 4 and lately has been having large meltdowns in public. I don't know if it's because he has learned that I won't cause a scene in the middle of the grocery store or what but it is getting harder to predict how he will behave. At home we have a timeout spot and a chart that he has to clip down from for doing anything naughty. We also have a reward system when he's good. Our system works great at home but not so much when we are not. I can't exactly put him in a timeout spot in Target and the threat of clipping down and losing something doesn't seem as harsh to him outside of our house. I don't want to be that mom who loses it in the store but sometimes I just want to pull my hair out. And it is so embarrassing when your son is pitching a fit in the vitamin aisle. Has anyone else here dealt with this? We never went through anything like this with my DD so I'm lost.