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    Possible signs of autism?

    Hi everyone. My first post on here :)
    My son is 14 months old and I believe he is showing some signs of autism. I really want an outside point of view.
    Signs are
    He flaps his arms
    He has no interest in other children
    He doesn't point or wave but he does clap.
    He has an obsession with wheels or anything that goes around.
    He hasn't said any words beside mama which he does not say to me..he will say it randomly whilst doing something.
    Obsessed with a certain baby tv channel..he won't watch anything else but that channel.
    He's very fussy with food and only eats what he recognises.
    He does look at me in the eyes but no where near as much as a child his age should.
    He doesn't respond to his name.
    I took him to the doctors to get his hearing checked as my brother mentioned that he could be deaf due to him ignoring anyone that talks to him
    He was sitting up early though..he crawled at 9 months and walking at 12 months. His physical development is fine.
    And he does laugh and smile.
    I just know that something isn't right.
    He's in his own world most of the time.
    He will literally take no notice of children..completely oblivious to them being there.

    What does everyone think?
    Are they good signs for autism?
    I really want to get him diagnosed early if it's autism.
    Thanks everyone x


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    RE: Possible signs of autism?

    Hi , Welcome to the board, and thank you for your post! Hopefully some other parents will be able to chime in soon.

    In the meantime, this slideshow does a good job of breaking down the possible symptoms of autism by age level: http://wb.md/2m5xbWr

    If you have concerns about your son's development and behaviors, it's best to contact your doctor to discuss any possible screening or evaluation. I hope that you are able to find the answers you are looking for soon, and that you'll check back in here :)
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    RE: Possible signs of autism?

    The not responding to his name and the limited eye contact are what jumps out to me - also the ignoring other children. If you point things out does he look to them? Things like cars on the road or construction vehicles? Did his hearing tests come back clear? I would talk with your pediatrician about screening. I know my son had a screening planned at 18 months. So many children aren't diagnosed until much later and miss out on getting help so I think the path you're taking is great.
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        Hi. Thank you for replying.
        No he doesn't look at something if I point to it. He will just look at my hand. I do keep doing this to try and get him to understand though.
        When he was born he had his ears tested and they were fine. When I took him to the gp they said one ear was blocked and was to just use a few drops of olive oil to soften the wax.
        Other wise I honestly don't think it's his hearing.
  • RE: Possible signs of autism?

    Hi Hannah
    Thanks for writing in. It sounds like you have a lot of concerns about your son- kudos to you as a parent, for noticing all of this.

    By 14 months, most kids do respond to their name, and look towards what a parent is pointing to. And a lot of toddlers this age can say more than one word. However, the fact that he smiles and laughs, and that his physical development seems on track is a good thing.

    I do think that it is very important to get him evaluated by a pediatrician. This would involve a language evaluation, some questionairres to better understand him, a hearing test as well as a physical exam to start. The reason this is so important is because if there is an issue or he does meet the criteria for autism, early intervention can really help.

    The chances that he has autism is still low, only 1 in 68 kids has autism. But regardless, if he has a language problem, early speech therapy and other services, often provided by the government could really make a difference.

    Go ahead and have him looked at. Hopefully, if he needs some help, he will be able to get it early, and it will make a difference!
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    RE: Possible signs of autism?

    Yes a lot of signs there are several levels of autism each child is different some are extremely severe I think my great nephew has it also he is 5 I have always said something is wrong with this child I know he does have a major case of ADHD and I think some other things also this is a child nobody wants to be around he is so out of control but for some reason he will mind me but I am not around very much but I have got him to mind just over the phone and the great grandmother is raising him and his 7 year old sister that also has I say ADHD my sister says only ADD plus other things she has her disabled hands majorly full I am very disabled also due to a work injury almost 13 years ago. The bad thing is here they don't want to test these kids until they are a lot older but both of these kids needed tested a long time ago mother lost custody 2 different dads just started coming into their lives and it has caused her to have to start all over again with them they do NOT know their dads so much to this. But read and read whatever you can find google that is what I did and the boy has all the signs of autism I told my sister not sure she believes me? But fight and fight to get some help and find out all that is wrong with him since it could be more than one thing good luck
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        Thank you all for replying to my post. So I got in touch with the health visitor. They came for a home visit to see me and my son. We discussed all Noahs cans and can'ts, and the health visitor agreed that my son is delaying in his communication and social development. The health visitor went on to say that my son would be too young to be referred as he is still developing and could pick things up as he gets older. In the mean time they referred him to a organisation called portage. Which is home educating help for those with special needs. So a lady is going to come to my home and help me help Noah development in his communication and social skills.
        I'm so relieved that it wasn't ignored and that they agreed with me. I'm not losing my mind!
        Again thank you for all your advice :)
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        Thank you for giving us an update! I am so glad that you have gotten some answers and are going to start working with him on communication and social development. I hope that you'll continue to let us know how he is doing :)
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    RE: Possible signs of autism?

    I have been intensively researching autism past few months as my granddaughter is 17 months old and I have been learning about connection of vaccines and autism. Some of what you observe are indeed signs of autism. There is hope. Order Jenny McCarthy's books Louder than Words and Mother Warriors, about how she and other mom's found cures for autism for their children. In Mother Warriors there is a list of dozens of DAN doctors -Defeat Autism Now! - DAN doctors in many states. - Alanna Hartzok