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    Child 8 yrs old scared to go to be alone

    My 8 yr old is afraid to be alone, some time back he saw a movie trailer of "IT" ( keep in mind we shelter him from that stuff) however it just popped up and he saw the clown and he does not want to be alone at all, he will not take a shower unless I am in the bathroom, he does not want to sleep alone at all, it now takes forever for him to fall asleep.... My husband is saying he will get over it and does not give in at all... I am exhausted from trying to figure out how to help him and not make it worse, so it is on me alone to be with him during shower time and stay with him until he falls asleep.... One exhausted Momma


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    RE: Child 8 yrs old scared to go to be alone

    Hi Try looking through with him and explain to him its just scary film, and its scared the sh*t out of you, and laugh , but laugh why he's watching it, saying things like people cant do these things and wont.

    Because its just a film made by man for others to watch, but go through it first, see what you think and how you can get it across to him.


    Its supposed to be the 10 most scariest from IT

    Your call, its just an idea as he needs to confront these things.

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    RE: Child 8 yrs old scared to go to be alone

    Children's fears of any age should be treated with all attention and seriousness. Dont forget about this problem, do not consider it a whim, and necessarily talk to the baby, trying to find out the cause of anxiety. Perhaps, having spoken out the difficulty, your child will already overcome a part of his fright. Convince him that you will certainly help to cope with the difficulties that have arisen.

    If your child is afraid to stay alone, what should you do in such a situation?

    To begin with, try to leave child for 15-20 minutes, gradually adding time;
    Be sure to tell the kid where and why you leave and when you return. Discuss the time of the call and the tactics of his behavior, if parents are late;
    Give the child an interesting task for the time of your absence: read your favorite book, play something exciting, use https://wedohomework.net/;
    Do not discuss the fears of the baby in his presence with relatives and friends;
    Provide the child with a telephone by teaching him how to use it. This will help to keep in touch, and the child wont feel left out;
    Returning home, grab a little gift or sweetness for the baby, so the child will have the confidence that he is remembered and loved;
    Before leaving, be sure to instruct not to open the door to anyone, do not play with matches, teach to use household appliances, gas, electricity, explain how to act in case of fire, flood, knocking in door, provide emergency telephones;
    Protect yourself from viewing crime, militants, federal news.
    Do not leave the baby in the dark, and even worse: at night. Ask someone to look after him while you are away;
    Do not arrange quarrels, fights, loud clarification of the relationship with your child. This will only aggravate his condition