• over 1 year ago

    Going through Divorce with kids?

    I finally got the nerve to leave a verbally abusive marriage. I always thought that it was not as bad because it was not physical and as long as i did as i was told it would stay that way! i have 2 kids from a previous relationship that he never liked and 2 kids by him. 2 of my children have ADHD/ASD with ODD! And my baby girl (2 1/2 ) was born with low oxygen to the brain and was hospitalized 3 time in the 1st 3 months of her life once requiring surgery to fix an issue with her stomach. I was told she would not walk, talk or really do anything because of her past. So when at 2 she still was not talking i thought it was because of her past, Once i got out of my marriage and moved in with Family she turned into a whole nother child. She is talking, running, playing with her siblings and i also see some angry behavior with her and her older brother (4 1/2) that after talking to her doctor was told it could stem from the verbal abuse and constant screaming they heard with me and their father. I am filing for divorce and although he is in another state now he is still call, texting and emailing constantly and telling me i have no choice but to do what he says or he will make up something to get my kids taken away. I have thought about putting a no contact order on him but he says that makes me a bad person because it would be taken him from his kids and i always fall for it! I am so lost and not sure what to do! Anyone have any advise?