• 2 months ago

    Single Mom and away college for my baby

    Im a single mom of a 17 y/o young man. It’s been me and my baby for 17 years mostly... His father is in the same city but my son has always lived with me. He’s such a great young man.. Straight A’s, HANDSOME, respectable..I could go and on☺️ BUT ITS COLLEGE TIMEWe live in Louisiana but he wants to attend Clark in AtlantaI cry at least twice a week.. I dont know how Im going to deal.... My son is GREAT and I want him to soar so high.... I just dont know how to handle the anxiety of not seeing his face everyday... I just dont know how to focus on me now and not cry everyday‍♀️


  • 1 month ago

    RE: Single Mom and away college for my baby

    Letting go and giving our kids the independence they need can be tough! Especially when they go off to university. I think that you just need to keep telling yourself that this is what he needs to excel -- this is a great opportunity for him, and as a parent you've given him the tools and skills he needs to succeed. It sounds like you two have a great relationship, and him going away for school will not change that. He may actually be anxious too. I think it's important to encourage his dreams and be there for him in any way you can. In today's day and age, he is just a phone call or facetime away. You just have to find that right level of staying connected while giving him independence, which can be hard. Maybe get involved in something in your community to keep your mind busy :)