• 6 months ago

    Swollen Lymph Node side of Neck for 4 Years..

    MY Kid 4 years old having swollen lymph node at right side of the neck which is 8MM in size.

    I noticed it 2 months when his head was bend to a side.
    Immediately i took him to an paediatrician he said just leave and gave some Shampoo to use stating it may be due to dandruff..
    After a week still i can feel it with my 2 fingers and i took him to an ENT..
    He gave me some antibiotics for a week and told me to stop after that.
    But still i can feel the swollen lymph node.
    I took to a general Physicial he ordered for an neck ultra sound, it measured
    8mm. will it be a problem as ultra sound report came as Cervical lymphadenopathy. And the GP told to leave for 6 months and later we can examine.

    Coming to Symptoms after i noticed, i gave food to him my slef at home and he was increased 1 kg weight. He is not having any fever etc..

    Before 4 months he had fever,Cough & Cold and the paediatrican gave us antibiotics and the fewer get down,

    When i tilt his head now i didn't notice the swelling as i saw 2 months back but when search with 2 fingers i can see the lymph node.

    Will this is a serious issue. I am afraid of Lymphoma and doctors are not taking it as serious. The kid is active but my self day by day getting worst.

    Please help me will it be a problem with the Swollen Lymph more than 2 months with 8mm in size..


  • 5 months ago

    RE: Swollen Lymph Node side of Neck for 4 Years..

    I would take the 4 year old with enlarged nodes to the emergency room closest to you home....
  • 5 months ago

    RE: Swollen Lymph Node side of Neck for 4 Years..

    Hi , Here is some information on swollen glands and lumps in children that you might find helpful to look through: http://wb.md/2xJiqdq . As the information says, "lymph nodes in the neck may become swollen if your child has a sore throat or respiratory infection. And the gland may remain swollen for a few weeks after your child is sick."

    That said, if you feel that this is not the case and that something more is going on, don't hesitate to bring him back in to see the doctor. You know your child better than anyone, and following up with the doctor or taking him to see a different doctor for another opinion may be best.

    I hope all is well and you'll let us know how he is doing!
      • 5 months ago

        I shown him to the ENT and also pediatrician. They said the node is small and nothing to worry and asked me to leave it. Its still there more than 3 months and they are not bothering as the size is less.

        And also i took him to the General Physician. He asked me the go for the Neck Ultrasound and in that the size was measured was 8mm. so he told to leave it and we can check after six months.

        But the ENT Surgeon and Pediatrician are not considering it at all.
        The child is active too. I started feeding him personally in which he gained more than 2 kgs weight in these 2 months.

        but still i am getting tensed some time and worried out as it was in the same size more than 3 months. Pediatrician is saying for some kids it will be years also no need to worry as it was less than the 1 Cm and i can feel small size nodes also on the other side but they are saying its normal to feel small size nodes in some kids and also the neck of the kid was thin.

        Please advise
      • 5 months ago
        I sometimes get swelling in the side of my neck, but it usually doesn't hang around too long. Does he have any kind of problems with sinus drainage or with his tonsils? That's what was happening to me. Also, can he tell you if it hurts when you press on them?
      • 5 months ago
        Hi earlier he used to get cold regularly and also he have so many cavities in teeth. So we will take him to the dentist for the teeth cleaning and cavity feeling. He says pain in teeth. Recently he is not having cold but he is having tooth pain
      • 5 months ago
        I think tooth pain and decay can cause a lot of other problems in your body. Makes sense to me that it could also cause some inflamed lymph nodes. Hopefully once you get the cavities filled he will start feeling better. Keep us posted!