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    2 year old wont keep anything down

    Hi, I'm a first time mom, so I'm looking for some good ol' parenting advise, tips and tricks, or some simple words of encouragement. My 2 year old has been throwing up since 3am. I've given her two servings of Pedialite, but she has not kept those down either. The doctor's office said they won't grow a concern until its been constant for 3 days. She doesn't have a fever, but I'm concerned she's been throwing up the Pedialite at this point. I assume I try to keep giving her fluids, but should I introduce food at any point?


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    RE: 2 year old wont keep anything down

    Hi there and thanks for posting,

    I'm sorry that your young one isn't feel all that well! I'm glad to see that you're on the right track by consulting your doctor.

    Here ( http://wb.md/2bxqUJs) is a link to information on WebMD about treating your child's nausea. It also provides warning signs that your child could be in need of more immediate attention. It says to not provide your child fluids for 2 hours after the last vomiting and then stick to clear fluids such as water or flat soda. But be sure watch for signs for dehydration.

    If your child's symptoms continue over the next 3 days, then please see your doctor. Keep a close eye on him/her and be sure to read the link above to learn more about warning signs that your child might need emergency attention.

    Be sure to keep us updated!