• 4 months ago


    my daughter was diagnosed at 13 yrs old. she did not believe she had it for some 20 years she knew of the diagnosis but thought i had munchen proxy -lol - but the diagnosis was confirmed yesterday(she is 35 yrs old now). i find myself going back to age 36 yrs when she was 13 yrs and all i wanted to do was protect her and make it all better. at 58 yrs i feel exactly the same. she called me yesterday after receiving the definite diagnosis, balling her eyes out. she is married and has one child -(14 yrs beautiful grandson in and out). she has a very demanding job and doctor indicated she may have to shorten her hours - she is the major breadwinner in the household. she has a great husband and he works hard but doni is the big breadwinner of the house. suddenly everything has changed in our lives and i am trying to learn to deal.