• 8 months ago

    What to do when your tween suddenly wants to stop doing something she loves?

    What do you do when your daughter suddenly decides within a few days that she no longer wants to cheer or tumble when just a week ago she was excited about it? About two weeks ago I asked her how bad she wanted to cheer and she said she wanted it. I told her that a lot of girls will be trying out so I wanted to sign her up for some private lessons so they can help her with anything that she needs to work on. She was o.k. with it and we went to one lesson and she enjoyed it. Within the past few days she has decided that she no longer wants to do it because it's stupid. She doesn't even want to take tumble anymore. She said no one has said anything to her, but I think I made her nervous because of how I say stuff. I didn't want to make her nervous, but I wanted to let her know that the competition will be high so we need to work harder to get ready and we all know that it's a lot in WHO YOU KNOW, so she has to be better than them because I am not a WHO YOU KNOW person so that will not help her, lol. She works herself up on things and gets nervous and upset and I feel like that is what has happened here. She is afraid to tryout and not make it. I don't want her to just give up because...what if she does make it?? What would you do?? Would you let her give up or MAKE her do it?? What can I do to help her with her confidence in herself. I don't talk negative to her, but I do feel like she may have taken what I said as a negative when I was just trying to let her know that she has to be her best and she will be. She did say when I was telling her about all the girls I heard that was trying out that it made her not want to do it. I'm just at a loss as to what to do or how to handle this. I really feel like letting her quit is a big mistake. I think she needs to at least try and if she doesn't make it, then she can quit, but not before trying first. Am I wrong??