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  • 1 day ago

    Anti vax

    Gov Matt Bevin chose to expose his 9 children to chicken pox to avoid vaccinations. Will he do the same for polio? If he does, will Child Services take his kids? Why is this different?
  • 3 days ago


    what is the best alternative route with vaccines for my baby? I really want to avoid them at all costs but want my baby to stay healthy when she comes
  • 7 days ago


    my son(5) was just diagnosed with adhd and I was curious as to if there is a vitamin supplement or something to calm him down, rather then going straight for the medication. People have mentioned a few things from different stores but has another mother tried anything
  • 11 days ago

    Newborn around double ear infection

    I have a an 11 day old son, my niece who is 4 wants to come up and see him, she went to the doctor for drainage, and they said she has a double ear infection and allergies which is causing her to cough and her throat is red can she be around my son?? I know the ear infection is not contagious I'm mostly worried about the coughing she has. Can anybody shed some light on what I need to do on letting her be around him...none of my doctors are giving me a straight answer.
  • 12 days ago

    Parental Help With Drug Slangs/References.

    Hi. I am a wife and parent that discovered a text message that I am guessing is some sort of drug reference. This message was found on my spouse's phone. The text was referring to "they were not feeling too good and if could come off of a 10 or 20." What does this mean? What drug reference? Opioids? If opioids,Could it be referring to any other drugs as well? PLEASE HELP. I need to educate and know all the lingos and slangs from any teen to adults. Thank you...A Concerned Wife and Mother....
  • 16 days ago

    Three year old willful child

    I have an almost 3 yr old daughter who is extremely willful. She says no to everything, she hits just to hit, she thinks it's funny to be mean. We do automatic timeouts for hitting, I point out her hurtful words and make sure she knows she is hurting physically and hurting feelings. Any techniques work for you parents out there battling or have battled a similar situation? Inquiring minds would like to know :).
  • 16 days ago

    Similar problems w/ 3y/o great grandson

    He simply doesn’t listen- he get placed in time out because of this behavior, toys taken away from as well. His latest act now is he’s yelling at the top of his lungs and or running thru the house. He’ll be starting (VPK) in August and I’m hoping he will calm down. His parents has share custody which I think might be causing him problems/ father got married recently- the father already had one son and the new spouse has a 10y/o daughter by previous relationship and is expecting a baby in several....
  • 17 days ago
  • 17 days ago

    Mom with 6 year boy with Adhd

    Just like to introduce myself as my Eric's mom, Nicole just here to look for support with other parents who have children with Adhd.
  • 17 days ago

    Ideas for picky eater!

    My 9 yr old daughter is super picky about foods! I want to take her to a nutritionist but my insurance prohibits that... any suggestions would be helpful!!