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  • 1 day ago


    My daughter is 1 month now and the doctor told me don't give her water only milk until four months the water is not allowed for newborns is it truth
  • 2 days ago

    5 1/2 year old is still not potty trained

    My son is 5 1/2 and still not potty trained . Yesterday after several accidents he cried and stated he did not want to live any longer. It frightens me. He says he does not feel the "urge" and is very frustrated but readily goes when reminded. His father is convinced he is not trying, spanks him, and "explodes" which makes matters more devastating. Could there be a physical developmental cause???
  • 2 days ago

    Child 8 yrs old scared to go to be alone

    My 8 yr old is afraid to be alone, some time back he saw a movie trailer of "IT" ( keep in mind we shelter him from that stuff) however it just popped up and he saw the clown and he does not want to be alone at all, he will not take a shower unless I am in the bathroom, he does not want to sleep alone at all, it now takes forever for him to fall asleep.... My husband is saying he will get over it and does not give in at all... I am exhausted from trying to figure out how to help him and....
  • Pregnant after 6 years of trying,always was on my periods even though cycle changed every month, 1st, or 15th, month end, the 9th...eventually got pregnant when I had given up, now worried because of my age, 36

    Im 15 weeks and a couple of days pregnant, im 36 turning 37, I have regular intercourse with my husband, I just want to know, is it too dangerous at this stage for him to be on top of me, because the following day, even though he doesn't put all his weight on me, I feel little cramps on my lower abdomen, this started on Saturday, just a short while, on sunday, I felt a little uncomfortable and called a medical hotline, my first son is 10 years old. I was told it may be the womb rapturing, and....
  • 14 days ago

    Baby's Gender

    I'm freaking out about my babies gender. This is my sixth pregnancy and I only have one child which is a boy. I've had 4 MC this pregnancy is going good this time, baby heat rate went from 80 to 160(thank God!) I'm really wanting this baby to be a girl so I will be finish. I don't want to put myself thru any more MC mentally. Advice of pic plzzz!!

  • 17 days ago

    vomiting with constipation?

    I have a 20 month old who has had constipation so far her whole life (rabbit turds) sometimes in bulk. She has a BM every day sometimes multiple times a day. She started vomiting about 2 months ago about 5 times randomly as well as getting very bloated. Vomiting sometimes her car seat so we thought it was car sickness but its not consistent. Her doctor thinks the vomiting is from her stool. My thought is why now would she start to vomited when her stool has always been this way? Any other ideas on....
  • 19 days ago

    teen with depression and anxiety

    Hi My 16 year old daughter has not been compliant with taking her Effexor which is leading to a lot of break through symptoms. I can’t figure out why she won’t take her meds when they are what keep her functioning and in school. She has no answers for me when we talk. Does anyone out there have thoughts on this? Thanks!
  • 20 days ago

    Breast exams by Pediatricians

    I am the parent of a teenage daughter. During my daughter's annual physical, I am present during the entire examination. During each annual physical, the pediatrician would ask if it is okay to do a breast exam on my daughter. Each time he would said it was necessary because many children are developing breast cancer. Now I wonder have I put my child in the hands of an abuser. My child depends on me to protect her and I thought my presence in examining room was protection. But perhaps I failed....
  • 23 days ago

    Toddler breathing

    My 3 1/2 year old has been taking deep breaths for the last couple of days every 30 seconds . She is happy, playing normal . But taking deep breaths that seem uncomfortable . She’s to your to explain what she’s feeling . I told her to urgent care , her oxygen levels were fine and chest x Ray came out clear . Followed up with her pediatrician and she said she sounded fine, had no idea what could be wrong . I’m desperate to find a solution . Would love opions on what over test could be ran to help....
  • 26 days ago

    Toddlers and milk

    So the other day I gave my 1yr old some soy milk and I'm not to sure if it just doesn't agree with him because since then his breath has had an ordor to it, it also smells like the scent is coming out of his pores, he also has yet to move his bowels it's been 2 days. Anyone has any helpful info or tips they can share please do