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  • 13 hours ago

    Son throws up after visiting father

    I am going through a divorce and my ex has been getting my son one day over the weekend and bringing him home at the end of the day. My son seems to feel fine and eats his dinner and goes to bed. The next morning when I go to get him up, the has thrown up all over his bed at some point during the night. This has happened the last four weekends in a row. Someone told me there is a medical term for this, but I can't find anything. I'm really not looking forward to this next weekend because....
  • Recall: Diono Child Car Seats

    Washington-based manufacturer Diono, formerly known as Sunshine Kids Juvenile, has issued a voluntary product recall for 519,052 child seats for not properly protecting children during a crash. Learn more about the models included in the recall and what to do if you own one, here:
  • Lice in Halloween Costumes: Should You Be Scared?

    You may have heard the news stories this week warning parents that lice may be lurking in those Halloween costumes your kids are trying on at the party store. Our expert pediatrician and WebMD Senior Medical Director, Hansa Bhargava, MD, shares her thoughts and some advice on how to keep your kids lice-free this Halloween: Do you let your kids try on wigs, hats, or other headpieces?

  • 2 days ago

    Swollen Lymph Node side of Neck for 4 Years..

    Hi, MY Kid 4 years old having swollen lymph node at right side of the neck which is 8MM in size. I noticed it 2 months when his head was bend to a side. Immediately i took him to an paediatrician he said just leave and gave some Shampoo to use stating it may be due to dandruff.. After a week still i can feel it with my 2 fingers and i took him to an ENT.. He gave me some antibiotics for a week and told me to stop after that. But still i can feel the swollen lymph node. I took to a general Physicial....
  • 2 days ago

    Nurse gave my child a vaccine at the wrong time. What should I do?

    My 5 year old daugther received a varicella vaccine. 2 weeks later she received an mmr shot. Now we are told that the mmr shot is no good because we should have waited atleast 4 weeks. Now in 3 months they want to give her an mmr shot again. I am worried if there is any risk to this? mmr is already in her bloodstream and now she will have double the dose. Is there anyone knowledgeable about this? May she have problems when she gets older because of this? Is there also a risk that she got the mmr....
  • 2 days ago

    What does it mean if a boy stops growing at 13?

    His growth plates closed at 13, three years ago. And development during puberty is extremely slow, with low testosterone levels. He looks almost exactly the same now as at 12/13.
  • 2 days ago

    Paint fumes in toddler's room

    When we painted our house, we left the radiators unpainted as it was winter and I didn't want them to be freshly painted when they were on. So this past August, I had them painted when we were about to leave town, so they would have time to air out. The painter we had used back in the renovation suggested Rustoleum High-Heat Spray Paint, so we used that and then promptly left town for 10 days (leaving windows open, fans on). When we returned, there was still a faint paint smell in my toddler's....
  • 2 days ago

    Vaccine ingredients

    Do medical students learn about the ingredients in vaccines? Or are they simply told to do what the CDC says? Any doctors on here who could answer this for me? Currently researching the pros and cons of vaccines. Thank you.
  • 2 days ago

    Single Mom and away college for my baby

    Im a single mom of a 17 y/o young man. It’s been me and my baby for 17 years mostly... His father is in the same city but my son has always lived with me. He’s such a great young man.. Straight A’s, HANDSOME, respectable..I could go and on☺️ BUT ITS COLLEGE TIMEWe live in Louisiana but he wants to attend Clark in AtlantaI cry at least twice a week.. I dont know how Im going to deal.... My son is GREAT and I want him to soar so high.... I just dont know how to handle the anxiety of not seeing his....
  • 2 days ago