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    5 Things You May Not Know About Your Period

    Think you know all there is to know about your period? Your monthly visitor might still manage to surprise you: Which fact was the most surprising? We'd love to hear from you.

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    Vaginal Yeast infection due to antibiotics. Pls help

    OK I've been on some strong antibiotics for 9days and now I have a painful vaginal yeast infection. I'm allergic to Monistat and don't want to go back to the doctor as I just started my monthly cycle please I'm miserable and have no clue what to do...
  • 1 hour ago

    help! My lady parts are malfunctioning!!!

    Hello. So firstly i have dealt with UTI issues my entire life. I am 18 yr/female. I got my period when i was 12, and ever since then i have had inconsisstent periods. When i was 15/16 i realized my menstrual cycle was abornmal, (bleeding for 9-12 days extremely heavy, then not having a perios for 2-4 months) so i went to the doctor to get birth control. I had asked about possibly having PCOS, because i had many symptoms, and got no actual diagnosis. I was diagnosted with hirsutism, and irregular....
  • 9 hours ago

    Vertigo after finishing antibiotics

    Hello! Recently I had a UTI and took antibiotics for 5 days (cefixime & Ofloxacin). On the last day of taking them I got vertigo repeatedly during the morning and now, a couple of days later, I've finished the antibiotics but still getting vertigo. I don't have any other symptoms, no headaches or earaches or anything else. The vertigo itself feels like the room is tipping and I'm falling to the side. Any ideas on what this could be?
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    Hi, I got my period on April 1st, everything normal like always. I have been getting cramps and lower back pain for about 2 days. Every time I urine I discharge blood, like old blood. I can't even be with my partner because I bleed.