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  • 7 hours ago

    Irregular Period

    I am 32, non sexually active, not on birth control, I am not taking any medication, have not lost or gained any weight since my last cycle. I'm on the 9th day of my period. My cycle stabilized when I was a teenager. My usual cycle is about 5 to 6 days long. Heavy on the second day, some discomfort on the second day, cramping, a little clotting then no real pain or discomfort for the rest. I'm usually moody before my period, wanting more sleep and more to eat. This period started about the....
  • 9 hours ago

    OAB problems!

    So, I recently got the diagnosis of OAB, IC, and a "low and distended" bladder about a month ago.. Understandably, at 21, I am not too happy. I was put on Detrol, which is great, because it works. I am able to not pee for 2, 2.5 hours. However, I recently started a new job, and it seems to be WORSE there. I am back to going every hour or so when I'm there. Can anyone help me out? I can feel my bladder spasming while I'm there. I am not in a job where I get the luxury of leaving....
  • question!!

    so i was thinking about having sex with my boyfriend in a few years like when im in my 20's i guess... but im 17 now.. and we were um talking about it .. so my question is... is he like um cums/ gets his sperm in me... and hes not wearing a condom, can i still get pregnant? like even if im on birth control whats the chance of me getting pregnant? i really dont want a child... but i googled it and google said that birth control is 99.9% effective but what about the other 1%.. like i know about....
  • VERY painful sore/rash/bite

    I've had a painful sore on one of my buttocks for the last few days and the pain has got worse, it hurts a lot to sit or lie down. The rash area is red and then in the middle is a whitish/grey patch which feels quite rough – it's not weepy. Initially I thought it could be an insect bite (I'm currently in Bali) but I'm not sure, and am wondering if it's a type of rash?? Have attached a pic, any ideas PLEASE let me know! Thanks so much.

  • 1 day ago

    Interstitial Cystitis in teens?

    Is it possible for teens to have Interstitial Cystitis? My teenage daughter has had urinary frequency with only a little coming out each time for a few weeks. The doctor did a urinalysis and found no bacteria but gave her an antibacterial plus Phenazopyridine to see if it would clear up. After finishing the course, her urinary frequency is just a bit better. Could she have IC?
  • 1 day ago

    extra ribs

    i had xrays done on tuesday got the results back my doctor said i have 7 ribs instead of 6 on each she is suggesting for me to have surgery to have them removed i'm 51 yrs old i've never heard of this before is it common for someone two have extra ribs
  • 2 days ago

    Not sure if this belongs here but....

    ell, I am new to this site and have some ailments that I am trying to see if they are linked together somehow. I have TMJ, rosacea, mild Hidradentitis Supportova or some call it acne inversa, bouts of silent and non silent acid reflux, very mild eczema, high cholesterol, halitosis or bad breath probably from the acid reflux, seasonal allergies, asthma but it is acid reflux and allergy/exercise driven, a vitamin D deficiency, muscle and joint pain, sciatic nerve pain, and I am considered obese. I....
  • 2 days ago

    Period after 8 years

    Don't k ow why I started a period after 8 years no period when o my 49
  • 3 days ago


    Im a 21 year old male i want to increase estrogen and lower my testosterone; what are good over the counter estrogen supplements and testosterone blockers but not ones that can increase heart disease, stroke, cancer, etc?
  • 3 days ago

    Menstrual Cramps at age 62?

    Hi! I am 63 years old. For the past 5 months, I am been experiencing terrible constant menstrual cramps. I got a PAP test done and ultrasound done on uterus. They found nothing. I then went to my urologist, they found nothing In the bladder. I really don’t understand why I am getting such painful cramps all the time at my age. Has anyone been through this? Can anybody help me? Any doctors you think can help me to see what it is about. I do not believe this is normal. Please respond as soon as you....