• 4 months ago


    My daughters foot is swollen & red she says is a spider bite. How can I tell if it is a bite & not a miss when trying to shoot drugs?


  • 4 months ago

    RE: Foot

    Hi Julie, why not take it on face value, shooting drugs in your foot is not a done thing, just try icing her foot. OK

      • 4 months ago
        Um....actually, that isn't true . Addicts shoot in their foot all the time when 1) Their veins are hidden due to long term drug use 2) to hide from their friends and family that they are shooting up. Is your daughter a drug-user? I'm sure there are tell-tale signs....but the only way to know for sure is if she mysteriously gets "another spider bite" in a similar position on her foot. Keep an eye out. Until it happens again, it will be hard to pin it one way or another.
      • 3 months ago
        It wouldn't swell up if she's shooting drugs in her foot.