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    Menstrual cycle vs epilepsy

    Good day
    I am 52 years old. 23years ago I was put on Depoprovera because my cramps were so bad. I did not have a cycle for 20years. 3 years ago my doctor said I should stop du to age and risks of osteoporosis so I did. Somehow a few months after the treatment started we found out that my seizures which were small, and came every months like clockwork stopped. Every month it was the same problem. Small seizure every month for 3 days every 4 hours. Took years before my neurologist admitted that this depoprovera helped. When I stopped, back came the seizures like clockwork but no period for 2 years. Then, surprise the period came back also like clockwork cramps along with it but.... added to that came terrible migraines. I am taking maxalt for it but my question is this. I skipped a month in February and 3 weeks ago I had a period, stopped for 3 days and started again 3 days later which let me guess I am starting menopause but those migraines can be so bad that it hurts just looking at a light. Is there any studies that link menopause to migraines and is there anyway to control that problem beside medication?? I am stuck with the monthly seizure and I know that much and they are also unpredictable like my period will most likely be but those migraines are terrible and scan shows nothing so we know that it is not something bad. Thanks for your advice. I have no doctor since she retired and I have a new neurologist because mine retired at 80 years old. Hard to start all this story again with the neurologist and doctors are a rare commodities. I live in Quebec and I have been on a waiting list for the past 3 years so if I need a doctor I have to go to an emergency clinic at 5 am wait in line and see a different doctor every time so hard to have someone to help me with this transition called menopause Just in case you need to know... the seizure m├ędecine is 200 md of lamictal and 30 mg of frisium every day


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    RE: Menstrual cycle vs epilepsy

    Hi from menopause.org come this piece of info.
    Migraines may start for the first time, or worsen, around perimenopause because of new hormonal fluctuations. Hormone therapy for menopausal symptoms may also be linked to migraines at this time. The good news is that hormonal migraines usually stop after menopause, when hormone levels are consistently low. OK

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        I hope that it will thank you for this dim light of hope
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    Dear Bits65,
    Indeed many women do get menstrual migraines related to a low level of estrogen at the start of the period. What I think might be easiest for you is to go back on the Depo Provera-sounds like it worked well-but to give you a small dose of estrogen, either in a patch form, or a pill to be taken every day. The added estrogen will do two things for you, I think-one is help with headache prevention, but also will help take care of your bones. Because it is clear that you aren't fully menopausal-and the depo has worked for you in the past-and a small dose of estrogen should be helpful. Hopefully, you will be able to see a gynecologist who takes care of menopausal issues-but I think this should work for you.
    Good luck,
    Mary Jane
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        But I was told that depoprovera is bad for the bones. Would taking it again put me at risk for osteoporosis??? I am 52 and a smoker
      • Dear Bits65,
        As long as you take some estrogen with the depo, it should not be a problem for the bones. And of course, I'll encourage you to work on smoking cessation as best you can, as that is bad for bones (as well as a host of other issues)
        Good luck,
        Mary Jane