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    March is Worldwide Endometriosis Month

    Endometriosis is the abnormal growth of endometrial cells outside the uterus. For the 5.5 million American women living with the symptoms of endometriosis, the condition is not only physically painful, but it also takes an emotional toll. This often isolating condition can lead to pain, abnormal periods, and sometimes infertility.

    Learn more about the causes, tests, and treatments for endometriosis here: http://wb.md/2m3UzTT

    We want to hear from you: By sharing your story, you can help another woman living with the condition. Let's bring the experience of living with endometriosis out of the darkness and into the light. You are not alone!


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    RE: March is Worldwide Endometriosis Month

    I had Endometriosis for over 15 years, pain management was unbearable at times! I never hit a pain level 10 with even my pregnancies but this was worse than I even could have imagined! I am using the plural "had" for a reason! January 7,2016 finally had a complete hysterectomy. A month later found out it was Stage 3 Endometrial stroma Sarcoma which means a Tumor from my uterine lining stitched together with my ovary! Thank the lord it is a slow spreading cancer but I am a survivor! I had been through hell literally, went on the Depo Lupron shot which assisted with quality of life for about 7 years! Menopause at 29 chemically brought on to stop my over production of estrogen! 2008 I had begun to feel normal and getting better, even went back to work shortly after, but not for very long! It all came back with a vengeance around 2011. Then the fibroids started to infest my uterus and dangerous amounts of blood loss before I finally found a doctor to touch me! Then he still didn't have the answers I needed! For about 2 to 3 years of being misdiagnosed! Became homeless in 2015 had to move out of my hometown. All going through this nightmare! Finally was blessed to find a good doctor to hear me. After multiple tests I was referred to my Gyno- Oncologist! Who did a wonderful job! I am alive today because of him! My advice to any woman out there is be vigilant with this disease! Or it will be with you!
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    RE: March is Worldwide Endometriosis Month

    The 1st time I heard the word, Endometriosis, was at age 18. I just had a DNC after having a miscarriage. I never knew I had it. My periods were fairly light 3-4 days total with little to no cramping.
    My second pregnancy, 4 yrs later, went well with no issues at all. May of 1987, after 30 hrs of labor, I wasn't dialating at all. My first son was born by emergency cesarean. The doctor mentioned there was some endometriosis present at that time but never said any more about it.
    During my third pregnancy, two years later, I started having "phantom pain". I called it that because no one could explain the labor like cramping that would come and go.
    At full term and after hours of labor with no dialation, I had an emergency cesarean. This time the same doctor stated I had quite a bit of scar tissue, but no mention of endometriosis.
    Eight years later, during my fourth pregnancy, there was continuous pain, cramping and bleeding. Each severe episode brought the fear of miscarriage but the baby was always okay.
    I had my tubes tied during that scheduled cesarean. No mention of endometriosis.
    I started having longer periods until they basically never stopped. In the recovery room after a hysterectomy 10 yrs later, my new doctor told me I was full of scar tissue and massive endometriosis.
    I still have abdominal pain from time to time but I haven't been back to be checked for lingering problems.
    I learned to deal with the excruciating pain episodes.
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    RE: March is Worldwide Endometriosis Month

    I have Endometriosis since 2009 and have had numerous operations to remove endometrioisis, however once its been removed it comes back very quickly for me and I'm in agony all over again. Since my first operation in 2009 i had a emergency bowel resection done, I have had an eating disorder, I find it very difficult eating solid foods as it causes me so much pain. I have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, disc protrusion, thinning of my hip bones, depression, high anxiety, sleeping disorder, back pains. I'm in agony all day and night. Having endometriosis is destroying my marriage. No painkillers work for me. Sometimes my pains are excruciating that I burn up so badly that ice cubes melt off me, I can't think straight and just want to die at that moment. My ovaries, bowels, bladder hurt so much. I still have endo inside my bladder, on my ovaries and bowels. My bowels are stuck to my right ovary. One good thing that I'm very grateful for is that I was able to have 3 children. I'm due to have my ovaries removed now and move endometrioisis and adhesions removed. I have already had a hysterectomy done a few years ago and was told that would cure my endo, but it didn't and I wished I didn't have the hysterectomy done. I used to faint so much while on my periods, and I still do faint when I'm burning up and in agony. I wouldn't wish this disease on anyone. I'm the only person in my family who has endometrioisis and it's very lonely, I have no one to talk to about my feelings. I wish people would try to understand and be patient with me. I can't do housework properly or cook, I can't work due to my pains. I cry all the time as nothing helps me. It's very hard coping with these pains.
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        I feel the same way it so sad no one understand this pain in a every basis.
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    RE: March is Worldwide Endometriosis Month

    My first TOUCH of endometriosis really started I gues when I was about 14 .I started having painful painful periods and HUGE cyst ! Little did I know two Drs. Would tell me at 21 I'd NEVER have babies !!I did get pregnant FINALLY at 24 and we work at it ! This was a very high risk PREGNANCY, and so painful ,i was on hydros,antidepressants ! Then round two I was on hydros,depakote and in pain but my baby girl had spine a bifada in th womb all owed to the depakote,AND hydros! I CAN'T STRESS TO YOU HOW MY LIFE IS MISERABLE AND NO ONE LISTENS ,THEY THINK THE DEPO VERA SHOT MAKES THE GIANT FIBROIDS GO AWAY AND XL CYST,ADHESION S!! WHAT'S WORSE IS MY KIDS ARE VICTIMS OF MY PAIN ONE IS INTELLECTUAL DISABLED,THE OTHER SEVERALY BEHIND HER LEVAL IN SOME THINGS!! I PRAY TO FIND A DR SOON! MY TUBES ARE TYED!!