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    Young with a list of concerns

    Good Morning,

    I wanted to run a few things by the community and see if I could get some opinions about how to resolve some mild issues. I am 31 years old and overall feel pretty healthy and happy. I am 5'2" and 135lbs. My issues lie in my physical state. Sometimes I feel like an old lady. By the end of my work week I feel stiff and more tired than I should be. I work as an Administrator so there's very little energy exertion. There are days where I get moving but it's not strenuous work. I have my domestic duties - laundry, groceries, dinner, managing the kids (9 and 12) but I've found ways to manage everything so it doesn't all pile up.

    I get enough rest and I am pretty comfortable in bed but when the clock strikes, I struggle with getting up. As far as exercise goes, I take the stairs and walk at given opportunities. If I can fit some stretching or yoga in, it might be two times a week. I count my sex life as part of my workout routine (cardio right?) so that's 3 to 4 times a week; I also consider that a contribution to maintaining my stress level - which is 1. I am not pregnant. I don't take any medications. I am on a 5 year IUD. This is my second, so my body is used to it. I don't understand why I physically feel so worn down.

    I am asking for your opinion because I used to attribute it to seasonal fatigue and stress. In the fall/winter, I assumed it was related to the cold and biological factors (and the fact that I hate the winter). I love the hot seasons, but for some reason this year my enthusiasm has been trumped hence the issues I mentioned. Either I want to rest or I opt to do my housework to prepare for the week. Last year I had an extremely stressful job and my relationship was on the rocks, but within the past 7 - 9 months, all of that has changed so I don't have any concerns. I am honestly happy with life.

    Please let me know what you think.
    Thank You


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    RE: Young with a list of concerns

    Hi anjay723,

    Have you had your thyroid tested? The general fatigue can be a sign of an under-active thyroid. You may also be anemic or have vitamin deficiencies that are causing the sluggishness and mood.
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    RE: Young with a list of concerns

    First, get a complete checkup with your Dr. and make sure to bring this letter in with you to address all your concerns. Second, you need to get moving more especially with an admin job; a few stretches and stairs won't be enough, 30 min of rigorous activity/exercise everyday will help. Move it or lose it as they say. Plus, if you do have some type of arthritis creeping in; more activity is #1 on the list to keep your muscles and tendons from tightening up on you.
    There is also the possibility that your body is exhausted from the stress you had experienced 9 months ago and since things have calmed down now, your body is showing the effects all that stress had on you. Again, this merits a trip to the Dr. as well, because you could have something like RA or fibromyalgia plus anxiety and/or depression. I hope your Dr. will have some concrete answers for you.
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    RE: Young with a list of concerns

    I wonder if perhaps the iud is not working this time or perhaps u are simply low in Iron or vit B, a blood test at the Drs will tell u if ur low in something, blood test can also detect if ur diabetic or have the onset of arthritis, for me the fatigue/tiredness was low Iron and low Vit B so I have to take tabs , hope its an easy fix for u to :D
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        Thanks all. I had a physical this week. Her initial recommendations were to move more as well. Waiting to see the blood work results. I appreciate the responses.
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        My Vitamin D levels are low. After reading the symptoms and causes of Vitamin D deficiency, I'm pretty sure this is the link to my issues. I hope this helps someone.
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        Vitamin D deficiency is through lake of sunlight and yes its how you get S.A.D, so its get out in the sunshine as much as you can they say 15 minutes a day is all you need, or vitamin D for S.A.D, or you can get a special S.A.D light box to sit in front of.

        All of these will raise your D up.

        A little tip, each time you stand up stretch, we have a dog who does that he has trained us to do it, but make it a good one hands above your head and stretch all through your body.

        Last thing when you wake up, do a full body stretch then all through you body right down to your feet, when laying in bed.