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  • 3 hours ago

    Long lasting menapause

    Hello Doctor. I have had menapause symptoms for over 20 years! I've given up hope that it will ever stop. I was a DES daughter and it caused me a lot of female problems over my adult life. Could this be a contributing factor? And second question - I take low dose Premarin and have been off and on for over 23 years to ease symptoms. I've tried a number of times to go off due to warnings from my doctor, but, honestly, life is not worth living with the hell I live without it. I'm trying....
  • 4 hours ago

    menopause destroying my life

    im 55 and post menopausal for two years now ive suffered with head to foot drenching throughout the day and night i cant do anything with out excessive sweating .the slightest thing and my hair is soaked and my whole body ,i have vaginal dryness i feel depressed my DR advised evening primrose and B6 ,waste of time did nothing to help .I am tearful i cant sleep im moody i cant bear being touched my life is a mess my Dr is not to sympathetic,some days i just cry and sleep i hate going out in public....
  • 7 hours ago

    Chronic BV, is there any hope?

    Dear Doc, I have had chronic BV since last September. I removed my Mirena in October and every month or so, since then, my BV has recurred. I have tried Flagyl, Metrogel, Clindamycin etc and nothing works, for very long. I take Femdophilus probiotics now which helps me manage the symptoms, but they come back full force, when I'm stressed. I also limit my sugar intake, but to no avail. I'm also using boric acid suppositories twice a week but it's like living with a terminal illness. Any....
  • 7 hours ago

    Pre menopause Acne

    I'm 53 and have developed a bad case of pre menopause acne what can I do about it?
  • 8 hours ago

    period problem

    Hi Iam 30 years of age and I having my period after 6month of giving birth and its irrgular after 2 month to 3month and having period,right now my last period in December last year and i just got my period last week after 6and half month of non period
  • 18 hours ago

    UTI Symptoms?

    A little back story - Was with the same man for 15 years, and the first person I was with after him, I ended up getting Trichamonias from. I was treated, re-checked, and still have a very minimal infection from it (only 2 specimens on the slide), so re-treated. I was re-checked last Wednesday (7/19) and it came back negative. So fast forward to Friday, I ended up in the ER for general dizziness, feeling off, extreme exhaustion.... I was diagnosed with severely low potassium, dehydration (from the....
  • 23 hours ago

    Burning sensation while peeing, feeling sick overall, strange discharge

    I'm not sure what's going on with me. For the past two days I've had a burning sensation while urinating, mostly once I'm done. I haven't had an urgent/constant feeling of needing to go and I don't have any pain aside from the burning. The most recent time I peed I realized that there was a bit of some kind of orange-brownish discharge. I also haven't had any appetite and have felt feverish for these two days too, but I think it *might* be because of stress (I had a very....
  • 1 day ago

    Bleeding after 7 months of no period

    I'm 46 hadn't had a period in 7 months. Around the 3 month mark My Dr. Put me on provera to make sure I was in menopause. Well I didn't start now after 4 more months I started my period. Should I be concerned. I feel fine.
  • 1 day ago

    Vaginal infection

    I noticed a peculiar growth towards the end of my vulva. there are two of them, one is small in size the other one looks like and is of the saize of a rice. I don't know how long it has been there but i felt non stop false urge to urinate a few days ago and have slight burning sensation in my vagina. Other than this I do noe have any other complaints so far. There is no discharge either, however when i had my usual white discharge, it kind of smelled funky not like usual thing. I had this false....
  • 1 day ago

    Severe cramp after orgasm

    I have been experiencing a serve stomach cramp after an orgasm which is through clitoral masturbation (never sex) which I have experienced for over a year and it is now happening every single time to the point where I am nearly vomiting due to the pain and I feel the urge to go to the toilet and then I will bleed. The doctor has sent me for a cervical elimination and a colposcpy which has not helped and I am starting to feel like no one has any answers. In the past 2 week I have woken up in the night....