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  • 6 hours ago

    Blog: What to Expect When You Stop ‘The Pill’

    Dr. Rupe addresses some myths around stopping the pill and tells women what changes to expect:

  • 3 hours ago


    When ever i urinate ... i excrete out jelly like thing with my urine. Its whitish in color and jelly like . Can you please help me what problem is this ?
  • 4 hours ago

    Am I bleeding to death?

    I'm 51, a smoker( I know, I know) I've been bleeding for 16 days. I started taking Provera 2 days ago. The bleeding is getting worse and I'm passing very large clots. Is this normal? I'm also very tired.
  • 14 hours ago

    Am I able to mix apetamin and other products in a smoothie for weight gain and health?

    Is it safe to take apetamin and a smoothie that has hemp hearts, spirulina, flaxseed, MSM powder, coconut oil, coconut milk, peanut butter, collagen powder, protein powder, coconut milk, green papaya, strawberries, and banana?
  • 16 hours ago

    18 year old female who has never gotten first period yet... can i still grow taller?

    I am an 18 year old girl who is about 5 feet 8 inches tall and about 105 lbs. I have been underweight for all of my teen years. I was projected by doctors to be 5 ft 10. I have never had my first period yet and went to the doctor and gynecologist, got a blood test, but everything including hormones came back normal and healthy. Does this mean i have a chance at growing to 5 10 even though im 18? i have been gaining weight and eating a lot of super nutritious foods/ am hungry all the time.
  • Not feeling well/very scared

    1.Been having some pain in my wrists (mainly left arm) 2.the wrist pain is in my palms and coming up my arm right into my elbow. 3. Elbow pain/stiffness only in the right arm elbow 4.knee pain in both knees but mostly the right knee but today everything hurting is on the left side. 5. When I bend my my right arm for too long it'll hurt so I have to have it extended as much as possible.. 6. I'm getting like chest pains here and there 7.weight loss 8.loss of appetite 9.dry eyes and mouth 10....
  • 1 day ago

    Vagifem and depression

    I switched from the Estrace cream to Vagifem. Got the generic, Juvafem, and didn't feel like it was working well, so paid more to get the "real' Vagifem. I was diagnosed with depression years ago and now I'm wondering if the Vagifem and the HRT I had taken until February have caused my depression to flair up again. The packaging says that it's a possible side effect. I will spare you all of my reasons why I think my depression is back. I know that many side effects are listed....
  • 1 day ago

    Long period whilst on the pill - Why?

    I'm currently on the 16th day of my period (i.e., I've been experiencing heavy bleeding for sixteen days now). I've never had a period that lasted a *week* even, much less a longer period. I was diagnosed with PCOS about half a year ago and have been on birth control to control my hormones ever since. This is my fourth month on the pill. But, even on the pill, I'm getting this long period. I've been feeling extremely lightheaded and yesterday bought an iron supplement, figuring....
  • 1 day ago

    Weirdly Heavy Flow

    Hi, I'm Emily, and I'm 16. I've had a heavy flow for at least the past year ( but I don't remember it getting heavier, so I assume it was always like that ). Clots have always come out, and all that. ^^ My most recent period has now extended for 12 days, and every day has lots of clots and overall a difficult time dealing with it. I began using tampons during the second day of it ( Wednesday, September 13 ). Could the tampons be causing the longer flow? It's still as heavy as....
  • 1 day ago

    Breast milk

    Is it possible to produce milk without being pregnant??