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  • 47 minutes ago

    Cannot Lose Weight

    I have seen numerous doctors and not one can tell me what the issue is. To start, I have high testosterone, but not high estrogen. One of my doctors considered PCOS, but ruled it out and called it an adrenal problem. He put me on dexamethasone which lowered my testosterone, but caused me to gain 40+ pounds. Needless to say I stopped seeing the doctor and taking the medicine about a year ago. I work out 5 times a week on average, doing 50-70 miles on a spin bike at a relatively high resistance. I....
  • 1 day ago

    Just getting started

    Hey guys staying encouraged to loose weight is tough I work a lot a lot and my job can be stressful I know whose job isn’t but I’ve been through a lot in the past year and getting on a healthy diet and working out is tough I’m really at the where do I even start phase I want to loose weight and get healthier really. But where does that even start please help if you can give any positive advice because this thing isn’t easy! Thank you!!!
  • 3 days ago

    How do I get toned muscles without bulking up?

    I'm trying to build defined, lean muscles. I don't want to bulk up, just get stronger and more toned. What's the best way to do this? I've been doing squats and some light weights plus cardio but I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere. I don't want to have to hire a trainer but I feel like maybe I don't know enough to get started on my own. Anyone have any suggestions of routines I can follow? I've heard good things about hiit routines.
  • 15 days ago

    How do you exercise when some parts aren't yours and you have fibro too?

    61 y.o. woman with two artificial knees and a raftload of pain? The knees work fine, but I've been told that kneeling could damage the plastic patella (potentially leading to replacing the replacement). I've also got fibromyalgia, and standing or walking hurt. A lot. I know I need to lose weight. I know I need exercise. But what? Jogging or walking distances is a no go. Yoga? Need to avoid the kneeling. I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, but I'm also afraid it's gonna....

  • 22 days ago

    What's the best workout with resistance bands?

    I recently started using resistance bands as part of my workouts. And I really love them! I prefer to workout in my living room rather than the gym and the bands have really added a little something extra to my routines. They are also easy to travel with. I've found some different plans on Pinterest and have been following them for arms and legs moves, but I was just wondering if anyone else here has any experience using bands and what moves you would recommend? thanks :)
  • 25 days ago


    hi im 14 years old im 168 cm and 46,5 kg in January I was 51 kg my weight goals was 49 kg but thin I said why not loosing some more (I did not do any diets ) I eat 1200 cal a day sometimes more and some times less (no diet but I feel like I can't eat more ) I cycle 40 mins in morning for school and 40 in afternoon 5 days a week also I do abs workout 10-12 min 6 days a week but I eat a lot (lot) of sweets, candy also I drink a lot of milkshake last month I had milkshake everyday for 2 weeks but....
  • 28 days ago

    Frustration with Not losing weight

    Always been a challenge for me my whole life, over 50 and it is even harder, most days I stick to the low fat low carb diet, exercise at least 3 days a week, always take the stairs at my job, low cholesterol levels(164), I do have a hard time relaxing and sleeping well at night, any input?
  • 30 days ago

    Weight lost

    Trying to loose 150 pounds
  • 1 month ago

    Yoga: 12 Moves to Start Practicing Now

    Have you been wanting to break into the yoga world but aren't sure where to begin? There's no better time to start than now -- National Yoga Month! The great thing about yoga is that you can do it anywhere, and you can modify the moves to fit your needs and skill level. No matter what style of yoga you choose -- hatha, vinyasa, hot yoga, etc -- nearly all of them include a few key moves. Whether you're a yoga newbie or you've been practicing for years, see how to do those moves correctly....
  • 1 month ago

    Is this ok for weight lose or no?

    I dont know who read this or who could help me on this, but id need some imput, i work night shift remodelling stores, kinda low to mid active at job, me and my girl just recently started goin to gym and trying eating more healthier/less portion food, here what my day consists of, walking up, sometimes a 1-2 serve of cereal, at break- a apple, lunch- a chef salad, 1-2 serve of french dressing and a pro2snax, last break- another apple or pro2snax, home dinner 4-8oz of meat choice, 1-2 serve of 2 sides....