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    Over 50, going through Menopause and gaining weight

    I need a plan that works. I am 51. I have high blood pressure and I am 301lbs. I have been this weight for about a year, give or take a pound or two. Before this, I weighed 275 consistently for about 5 years. I don't know if its the fact that I'm going through menopause of if it is due to the many hours I sit writing (I am also an online student and a self-published author) but this is getting ridiculous! The more I try to lose it, the more it seems to want to remain. I have given up sugar in my coffee. I walk more. I need a plan.
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    RE: Over 50, going through Menopause and gaining weight

    First, check with you doctor before you start any program. Second, I suggest you pick your goal weight: let's say 170 pounds for discussion. Now, multiply by 10 and you get 1700 calories per day for that goal weight. Third, start tracking everything you eat, then make healthy choices for your 1700 calories: it sounds like you have given up sugar and that is great - work on not adding salt (use spices instead) and giving up processed food. Fourth, exercise. It sounds like you are walking and that is great. Also, look into joining the YMCA or something similar where they have group exercise programs (Pilates, Zumba, Yoga, Jazzercise, Line Dancing, etc). These will be hour long sessions where you will meet others for support and exercise. Now, set a goal of 1-hour of exercise each day whether walking, group exercise or weight machines.
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    RE: Over 50, going through Menopause and gaining weight

    Hi ,

    I think that the previous poster gave some really good tips! Just to add to those tips:

    This article has some really good information on the types of exercises that can best help you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight after menopause: http://wb.md/2q44dnn

    Also, this article talks about how you can be sure that you're getting all of the right nutrients you need during menopause: http://wb.md/2pTrnlc

    Hope these help!
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    RE: Over 50, going through Menopause and gaining weight

    The 1700 calorie amount the one responder kicked out is not unrealistic. When I started my weight loss, I weighed a little more than you do now and my target calories were 1760. My calorie target has adjusted as have lost weight. Use an app like My Fitness Pal to track what you eat. Don't skip meals, eat 5 times a day with two snacks having less calories allocated to them than the meals. Proteins, fats, and carbs are important parts of a balanced diet. Don't try to eliminate any category as body needs all...just make better choices. Try to switch some of eating habits...brown rice versus white. 100% Whole Wheat or whole grain bread versus white or honey wheat. If drink pop, give it up. Drink lots of water. You will probably choke when I tell you that at your weight you should be drinking about a gallon a water a day (general rule is 1/2 your weight in ounces of water). Your body needs it to flush things out and it will fill you up during day so not as tempted to eat other things. Avoid fruit juice and eat the actual fruit (fruit juice has sugars without fiber so spikes your blood sugar). Cut back on added sugar, as while it tastes good it causes you to crave food more. You say you are currently walking, but not sure how much. You should commit yourself to an hour of walking 5 times per week. If you can't make it that far at first, build yourself up. And last, but not least be forgiving and realistic. If a day goes bad, learn from it and move forward. Forgive yourself. Instead of saying I want to lose x pounds in a month, set a goal of being in better shape in a month than are today. Hope this helps.