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    Need Help and motivation

    I am 42, female, I am healthy as far as no high blood pressure, normal cholesterol, and not diabetic yet(knock on wood). I weigh 390. I know I need to lose this weight. I am unhappy with myself. I am really starting to feel the effects on my body from being over weight. Joint pain, knee pain, back pain, etc.
    as a career of choice, i quit my job as a restaurant manager almost 2 years ago to run our dog walking/ pet sitting service so it would make me be more active but I think since I quit I have gained at least 50 of the 400 pounds. I have completely stopped drinking soda, but my weakness is coffee(Starbucks) and sweet tea(Canes). I don't feel like my diet is awful but I have noticed that I have started to gain weight in my midsection and stomach and my weight has always been my hips, thighs, buttocks, and legs. I walk dogs everyday and am outside from 11-5, 5 days a week. I am having problems walking now though due to pain. I am in severe pain from my knees and legs to my feet where I have severe plantar fasciitis and heel spurs on the bottom of my heels. So lots of times I eat for convenience and when I get home I am too exhausted to go work out in a gym even though I know I should. I just want to put my feet up and rest to avoid swelling and pain. Any ideas to help me get and stay motivated


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    I'd say change one thing that is not helping the weight loss for one month. One thing. One month. Maybe stop the sweet tea or the SB coffee. You can do anything for a month. At the end of the month, see if you notice a difference (on the scale or otherwise). Sometimes, that motivates us to keep going on a healthier journey. Good luck!
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    RE: Need Help and motivation

    I sympathize with you and the pain you are experiencing. Possibly what you are eating is helping you to feel better mentally--your brain chemistry sets you up to experience good feelings as a result of eating certain food--and that perks you up when you are feeling low. Perhaps you can find other ways to perk yourself up (bring on the good neurochemicals) that don't involve eating. I find that activities that involve some sort of close focus--jigsaw puzzles, Solitaire, knitting, crossword puzzles, reading mysteries, etc. (what I call "scanning" activities)--are very helpful to bring on good feelings or ward off bad ones. I wonder if your management job provided that for you and once you stopped you had to substitute other activities that cause you to gain weight. Anyway, just a thought from my own experience with struggling to attain a healthier weight.
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    RE: Need Help and motivation

    Callie, the best advice I can give you is to get a bicycle. It can either be stationary (Prefered) or a regular bicycle and ride that instead of walking. I only say this due to experience. I used to walk a mile a day and due to my weight, which is at 250 lbs I too had trouble with my legs, knees and feet. Especially the feet. But since I switched to the stationary bicycle I can "ride" that for up to 30 minutes without pain. I would suggest a recumbent stationary bike, then progress to the regular one as you feel better.
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    RE: Need Help and motivation

    Hi Callie. I have similar issues. I am losing now finally but the struggle is so real. Heel spurs and plantar fasciitis are no joke. It's hard to stay motivated. There's so many things that can derail me. I have to eat well, sleep well, take my medications and exercise. All that and work a 40 hour a week job, take care of my pets, hubby and my house. It's so overwhelming sometimes. I would like to find a accountability buddy. Someone who is having the same issues and struggles.