• 1 month ago

    Healthier "all around" lifestyle

    I am interested in learning how people keep theirselves balanced and live an all around healthy lifestyle when the are single ...with no time away from either work, or their 2 beautiful children!

    I am a grandmother, who had the same problem while raising my 3 beautiful children....and apparently left that "legacy" to my youngest child and my only daughter. I just do not want to see this same "legacy" being passed to my daughters youngest and only daughter as well..(she is only 3 yrs old now...so there is still time).

    Thank you to anyone for any suggestions you may have


  • 26 days ago

    RE: Healthier "all around" lifestyle

    Balance is tough for all moms, but especially single moms. I'm not a single mom, but my husband works weekends and evenings so oftentimes it is me and the kids. The way that I get some time for "me" to do things to keep me healthy is by getting up early. That sometimes is the only time guaranteed to be mine to control. So I read a little and exercise and get in some time to connect with others via email or text or social media. I focus on small habits one at a time. Hope this helps!
  • 12 days ago

    RE: Healthier "all around" lifestyle

    Hi! I am a single mom with 2 young men. I work full time, and also take online classes. After having my second child, I let myself go physically. I went from weighing 165 lbs. to 222 lbs. I kept making excuses as to why I was gaining weight. And I also tried to convince myself that I was happy with what I saw in the mirror....LIES. Since my youngest son started playing football, he talked me into joining the local gym so he can lift weights. Unfortunately, he could not become a member unless I signed up, which I wasn't interested in doing. But I am grateful that I did. We joined in late February and I have lost 25 lbs. so far. I don't put a lot of trust in diets. I believe in strength and discipline. I still eat the things I like to eat, I just eat less of them and exercise at least 5 days a week. However, I did cut out diet drinks and sugary snacks. I would suggest taking small steps. Focus on losing 1 to 2 lbs. a week, and try to get a little exercise in, such as walking 30 minutes a day. It's best to start small then work your way up to your desired goal. Remember strength and discipline. It sounds hard, but with determination, I'm sure you can succeed. Best wishes!