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  • Introducing Our WebMD Doctors!

    Hi All, You may have noticed some new faces answering some of your questions here in the last few weeks. We are so excited to welcome our awesome WebMD doctors to the boards! We have a REALLY great team of doctors at WebMD who are so incredibly kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, and excited to be a part of the conversations here. Some quick introductions: - Michael W. Smith, MD, MBA, CPT, is our Chief Medical Editor. He first joined WebMD in 1999 and now oversees a team of staff physicians and medical....
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    Twelve years ago I lost 60 pounds.And after maintaining a weight loss for that long,I know what works for me. I only eat 2000 calories a day &,because I don't have a car, walk about 7 miles a day.But the thing is for the past month,I haven't been able to maintain it.My goal weight was 180 & for the pass month,I've weighed between 183 & 188. And I just hope that somebody can tell me what I can do about it.Cause I've gotten really discouraged about it & I just want to....
  • 5 hours ago

    Best exercise plan to start with

    I am in my early 60s and am obese. I live where its cold so I don't get out much to walk. I need to come up with an exercise routine for home as I sit at a computer all day. Can someone suggest a good website I can go to that would outline an exercise plan for me? I need to limber up and lose about 50 lbs.
  • 6 hours ago

    Weight loss

    I just joined the Planet Fitness 3 weeks ago. I go 3 to 4 days a week. My job requires that I walk 3 hours out the day, including a 15 foot letter sometime to get documents. I drink Oolong tea, Mother's Milk, Ginger Tea and Green Tea. I'm starting to cut back on the coffee. I use only 2 packs of raw sugar in my coffee or honey in my tea. I need to increase my water intake. I recently stop eating fried foods and more salads with grill chicken in it or vegetable plates.
  • News Flash: Foods Labeled 'Healthy' May Hide Unhealthy Secrets

    Food products that claim to be no-fat, no-sugar, low-fat or reduced-salt aren't necessarily healthier, researchers say. Find out what researchers found out about these products' nutrition here: What are your thoughts? Do you look for these claims on labels when you're buying food or drinks?
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    Motivation for weight loss

    What do you mean by "clean?" What would be examples of s lean protein?
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    The hardest thing I find is to put aside time to do weight loss activities. I know I should but my time is so committed to other activities.
  • 3 days ago

    Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

    Feeling like you're doing everything right -- exercising regularly, eating healthy, cutting calories -- and still not losing weight? Here are some possible reasons you're not seeing the number on the scale move: Did any of these make you stop and think? I know I need to work on drinking more water throughout the day, and I definitely need to get up from my desk more often and move around. I also realized that I sometimes wait until I'm SUPER hungry to eat -- going....
  • 3 days ago

    Weight Loss

    Help, I am a 56 year old woman and I am overweight. This is the heaviest that I have been. I have been going to the gym for over a month, watching what I eat and it is so difficult. I like to drink up to 3 beers on a Friday night so I don't think this is keeping me from losing weight? I get discouraged because it is so difficult I feel that I am wasting my time at the gym even though I haven't lost weight but I do feel stress free when I leave there. Please someone help me how can I loose....
  • 3 days ago

    Attention: Edamame Recall

    Any edamame lovers out there? Just a heads up, "possible listeria contamination has triggered the recall of Edamame (soybeans) by Advanced Fresh Concepts Franchise Corp. of California." Find out if any packaged edamame you've bought is included in the recall and what to do with it, here: