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  • 2 hours ago

    September theme activity

    Has anyone figured out how to find recipes and earn points for the September project on health and wellness website- they don't make it easy to earn points!

  • 12 hours ago

    Sam e

    I find that Sam e helps with cramps at 'that time'. Can I just stay on it indefinitely? If anyone has I'd like to know. I take 400 2x day.
  • 1 day ago

    Frustration with Not losing weight

    Always been a challenge for me my whole life, over 50 and it is even harder, most days I stick to the low fat low carb diet, exercise at least 3 days a week, always take the stairs at my job, low cholesterol levels(164), I do have a hard time relaxing and sleeping well at night, any input?
  • 1 day ago

    Weight related medical condition? Or just getting older?

    Hello, I've always been on the heavier side (5'10'', 230 lb), but could lose weight fairly easily when I put my mind to it. About 3 years ago (I'm 41 now) I had a really bad reaction to sulfa-antibiotics. My whole body turned into a lumpy, purple rash, the top of my tongue developed a pasty white layer, and I felt extremely ill. I went to the hospital and was put on a heavy dosage of antihistamine and steroids, and the symptoms eventually went away. About the time that I was getting....
  • 1 day ago

    Recent Illness

    Last year I developed a problem with my left leg and required a cane to walk. I went to the LASER SPINE INSTITUTE in Tampa, July 2017. An MRI indicated I had Spinal Stenosis in my lower back. The Doctor completed out- patient surgery on L5,S1 with a 12 week recovery. Last week, Sept 7th I dev- eloped severe pain in my left leg that continued up to my right lower back and down my right leg. Now for the past 7 days I have been excessively tired from the medications(Hydrocodon,50mg,Tramadol,50mg, Neurontin....

  • 1 day ago

    Need a push to go again.

    UGH, I need a hug and some motivation to get going again. Ever just get tired of it and give in to the popcorn or potato chips or whatever it is? I am there and need a kick to get moving again. Yes, I know it is all about me and self motivation but jeeze it would be nice to have a person to make me do it. Suppose I'll go look in the mirror. Anyone out there want to look in the mirror with me and say - Hey, you've go this girl!
  • Why can't I lose weight?

    About a month ago I started an exercise and weight loss regimen. At the time I started I weighed 209 lbs. I STILL weigh that. I have been walking for at least 30 minutes a day and have given up desserts, except for fresh fruit or 2 squares of dark chocolate. I have been eating less fat and fewer carbs, but I'm not starving myself. I have not lost an ounce. About the time I began the diet I got a cortisone shot in my knees because the insurance company had not yet okayed Synvisc. Is it possible....
  • 1 day ago

    Weight lost

    Trying to loose 150 pounds
  • How much protein do you really need?

    "Protein is the nutrient of the moment: food labels proudly tout protein grams, magazines devote pages to ‘high protein’ picks, and people everywhere are eager to get on the protein-diet bandwagon." But how much protein do you really need? And how much is too much? Here's what our food and fitness blogger -- Katherine Brooking, MS, RD -- has to say:
  • 6 days ago


    What are your thoughts on Almased protein supplement . And how long it can be used.