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    Desperate for help, with special circumstances!!

    I am a long-term 1 pk per day smoker, truly at the end of my rope! I've tried more times than I can ever count to stop, and failed repeatedly. I've questioned my commitment, tried different medical quit smoking aides, etc...all to no avail. Are there people out there, like me, who are truly beyond or too late to stop, you think? Oh, plz let me add this, many advise physical activity, ie: a brisk walk, exercise, etc to work off stressful moments and it makes sense. But, after suffering a brain injury some years ago, I need a power wheelchair to substitute my former leg power, so that option doesn't seem applicable for me, personally. I also find myself left with numerous other remaining chronic conditions, all residule of afore mentioned injury. I think I do use my illnesses as a poor excuse (to myself, at least) as to why I'll probably never conquer this addiction, sadly. Sorry this is so lengthy, but I believe that all of you out there, who have won this battle, are the best advisors I can find to ask for help. Most doctors have run out of patience with me, and my friends and family seem to doubt I'll ever do it. Admittedly, I do minimize my smoking to family at times, then feel terrible about it. I'm so tierd of the hiding, the breath mints, room deodorizers, and just feeling lousy in general! I'm really begging here, if any person, unknown to me can point me towards a ray of light, a tid-bit of hope, I'll be forever grateful, indeed! Will be waiting with hope in my heart! Till then, I remain.......(still) the embarrassed, smelly-smoker. Yuck-o!! God Bless you all for reading this through!!


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    RE: Desperate for help, with special circumstances!!

    It is probably one of the most difficult things to do. People who have never smoked have no clue how addictive it is. I quit when I developed cancer, and didn't even really want to quit then, now that is bad! I used those E cigarettes, the ones that look like a cigarette. You can gradually cut down to zero nicotine cartridges. I know some people will say you are just substituting one vice for another, but it is the only thing I tried that worked and I tried the pills, gum, patches, etc. It has been five years for me - nicotine and cancer free. Just remember, once you quit you will be free and feel so much better, mentally and physically. Good luck!
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        Congratulations and God Bless you on your being Cancer & Nicotene Free!!! Wooohooo What a Blessing!!!
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    RE: Desperate for help, with special circumstances!!

    Hi I did 20 years ago after smoking for 40 years I started when I was about 10, spent a lot of my smoking life smoking French ones which are high nicotine and loved them, even rolled my own with French tobacco. so that shows how hard it was for me.

    Now you just need to get into your brain that your packing up, its like telling your body to get used to it, pick a day and start, one problem is I did the jogging way, as I cut down the further I jogged, but as you cant jog can you get into a gym, because as you slowly cut back the harder you will work out, so you want a gym that is close to you if you have one, it will work you just have to trust me on that.

    So how's it done, day one you cut out the habit smokes, that is a great help after that its down to your workouts your looking for that goal of packing up, so as you start to workout harder your brain will be saying come on we can do better, so you start to cut back and you will fill good, you can trust me there, I just kept cutting back till I was on 3 a day, 5 to 7 days later packed up, but I kept on with my jogging same as I hope you keep the gym going.

    Now the after effect, for me even now I say I'm between smokes, as we are still smokers as you always will be, but just between smokes, for me it was up to 3 years that there are times that your brain thinks a smoke would go down nice, but you just don't do it, and I think its keeping that you are a smoker in your brain, helps.

    So can you do it? its you, you are the only tool who can do it.

    All I can say is try it. OK

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    RE: Desperate for help, with special circumstances!!

    I have smoked since I was 14 and quit 2 yrs ago,I am 63. Was diagnosed with COPD in 98 and had to retire in 01. Lung capacity at 16 % now and on oxygen. I have given up a lot of things in my life but smoking was absolutely the hardest so I know the struggle. At first I tried Chantix as prescribed-the six month regime - twice-went back to smoking a month after I stopped taking it. Finally my pulmonologist talked my ins. into letting me have it as a maintenance drug. Took it daily since 08-side effects for me were minimal thank goodness. Am off it now( 1 yr and 4 mo.) but I still have cravings now and then but nothing I can't handle so far. Worked with a lady that would smoke 1 month to loose weight, she did this 3-4 times in the 20 years I worked with her. My dad was a chain smoker after he became disabled 4-5 packs a day for 6 yrs.Quit cold turkey when the Dr.said he was heading for heart attack. Wish it were that easy for all of us.When friends smoke outside,they know not to leave butts in the ashtrays because I will smoke them. The struggle is real for me and I pray you quit - maybe this will you incentive. Good luck !
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        Also, vaping vs. smoking:

        Cigarettes – not e-cigarettes – contain nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide, as well as formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic and DDT. Cigarette smoke has been shown to contain over 4000 chemicals, including 43 known cancer-causing carcinogens and 400 other toxins.

        Vaping has nicotine, propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG) and various flavorings. E-cigarettes do not produce smoke; they produce vapor.

        Nothing is perfect, but vaping is a vast improvement.

        Good Luck.
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    RE: Desperate for help, with special circumstances!!

    When my son wanted to quit, he went to the brick and mortar store of:
    which was originally around the block. By using just liquid nicotine and slowly ramping back, you are also stopping the horrid junk that non-organic cigs have, which makes them far more addictive than just tobacco. Also using organic cigs for a few weeks can help too.

    You can call them to help you choose the items which may be best for you. The candy flavored liquid nicotine is best in our opinions, especially the Gummy Bears. Lol. He still has times when he has a cigarette, but never more than 3/day, which is a vast improvement. This will probably take 3-6 weeks to completely quit, and the first few days are tough emotionally. I believe smoking is as emotionally addicting as physically, and I wish you the very best.

    Other options:
    hypnosis (it Does work)
    LSD (under medical supervision, it DOES work almost immediately - many clinics in Mexico & UK)
    Chantex, Zyban
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