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  • 12 hours ago

    Desperate for help, with special circumstances!!

    I am a long-term 1 pk per day smoker, truly at the end of my rope! I've tried more times than I can ever count to stop, and failed repeatedly. I've questioned my commitment, tried different medical quit smoking aides, etc...all to no avail. Are there people out there, like me, who are truly beyond or too late to stop, you think? Oh, plz let me add this, many advise physical activity, ie: a brisk walk, exercise, etc to work off stressful moments and it makes sense. But, after suffering a brain....
  • 3 days ago

    Going to hypnosis next Monday night...

    Smoked for 30 years, tried it all but always started again. I think I could probably just stop without anything at this age and time. Haven't tried to quit for 10 years. Wife wants to see if hypnosis could be a simple switch. I read an article that indicated you cut your chances of dying in half over the next 15 years by quitting at the age of 50. I don't like those odds. At all... I'm 47.. I need to quit. I gotta 4 year old that I may not see graduate high school.
  • 1 month ago

    Need support for quitting smoking.

    I have smoked for 20 plus years. I am 45 years old and have been diagnosed with COPD. I continued to smoke after the diagnosis. I know stupid. I have been short of breath and wheezing a lot in the last 6 months but still did not quit. It wasn't until this past Saturday that I got a big wake up call. I had to go to hospital by ambulance as my pulse ox was 66%! I had a blood test that basically showed my body not being able to expel the carbon dioxide from my lungs. Had to be put on a BIPAP machine....
  • 1 month ago

    Quit date set for quitting cigarettes

    I have been diagnosed with beginning stages of copd. Plan to quit smoking April 20th when I'm in vacation from work . I'm working on cutting back now up to my quit date, I like bodybuilding and smoking is holding me back Wish me luck!
  • 4 months ago

    Patches to stop

    Do anyone know or have tried the patches to quit smoking
  • 23 days ago

    Day 1

    I am using the Nicotrol Inhaler and I have not smoked for 8 hours so far but I am having some Insomnia despite taking my medication, sleep medication and being ill. Any suggestions on how to get to sleep?
  • 1 month ago

    I'm trying..

    I'm on week 2 with Chantix and I do not feel any different from before. Maybe it's still early... I'm trying.
  • 1 month ago

    Allen Carr or Chantix

    I used Chantix and read Allen carr book. I was not actually regular on Chantix and many times miss. I stopped o Feb 6th and now reached 45 days. I had 5 cigarette during this first few days as I was not strictly pushing me to stop until I reach March 1st. Then onward, it is real and so far I dont see reason to go back. There is urge always but easier to control. A small relapse is not a reason to start again. Use it as a way to understand your weakness and vulnerability to reaffirm the decision.....
  • 6 months ago


    I have been using patches for a while and they are really helping me a lot !
  • 1 month ago

    Hoarseness and dry cough days after quitting

    I quit smoking 11 days ago. I am using the lozenges and besides being irritable occasionally, I do not have withdrawal symptoms. I have no doubt that I will quit successfully. I smoked for 12 years, quit for 8 years, life happened and I started smoking after hanging with other smokers during a time of stress. This time, I have been smoking for 8 years and I am done. However, just a couple of days after quitting, I felt like I had a know the kind that settles in your chest. I guess I started....