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  • 11 days ago

    Cannot get rid of flakes

    Our family has bad, bad skin. Oily, flaky, extremely dry, depending on the days. For my face, I use Aveeno, which 100% does the job for my face. However, I can't put Aveeno in my hair and use it as I would on my skin. With that, I have tried every shampoo out there; OTC, medicated, natural, etc. I can shower and give my scalp a good scrub (no scratching) and 12hrs later I can sit down and rub my scalp and looks like its snowing. Is there something out there someone knows of that can help me with....
  • 14 days ago

    Hair Straightener burn

    Burned my shoulder with the hair straightener a week ago. I got a burn and it developed into a scab. I picked at the scab a couple times and now there are two raised red bumps around the scab and the muscles in my arm are very very sore. Whats going on?

  • 22 days ago

    Scalp red all over with Yellow scabs

    Hi, I have had this problem for a while now, my scalp is red all over the top of my head, I wake up with blood stains on my pillow. I have tried various medicated shampoos, I am currently using selsun blue. I have had no luck with treatment so thats why i have decided to come here to hopefully find a solution to this. If anyone could help me that would be great. Thanks in advance

  • 24 days ago

    Lump on back of my head with clear fluids comming out.

    Hey. I got a weird bump on the back of my head which I've had for a long time, went to the docotr and he said it was nothing and yesterday it started to itch so I itched it and after a lot of clear sticky fluid and some yellowish stuff around my hair this is what it looks like. Any ideas on what it can be? Original picture was above the allowed size so I had to cut it.

  • 28 days ago

    Blood Clots and Hair loss

    I realise that cancer patients pass away. But my grandmother has had a blood clot and a blood disease factor 5 Lider since the age of 20. She has lost tons of hair her meds cause hair loss and if she don't take them she dies. My question is could she get financial help with a wig? Cancer patients can but what about people who have that disease where they can't grow any hair? I feel at least my grandma should have equal opportunity as someone who has cancer. She is in lots of pain and a papercut....
  • 1 month ago

    I have had an unusual ingrown hair type of bump on the shaft of my penis since my late teens that will not go away

    So I have had this ingrown sort of hair towards the base of my penis on the bottom side for years now. Its sort of like 1 or 2 hair follicles, maybe more have gotten trapped under the skin but continued to grow and eventually created 3 slight openings around the outside edges of the bump. If I squeeze it and play around with it I am able to get some puss to come out and sometimes I able to tweeze some loose hairs out from in there. I will immediately sterilize it but this usually causes it to flare....
  • 1 month ago

    Losing hair on top female

    I've spent lots money but nothing. I'm on a ton of meds I'm 52 any helpful hints I'm very distraught
  • 1 month ago

    Rash on neck & Scalp with seasons

    I have a rash that seems to appear in the spring and summer and leave in the fall and winter. It is a pimple like rash that does not come to a head but a break out down the sides of my neck scalp also has similar "pimples" that hurt and cause an itchy sensation at times....almost like flareups. My hair all around my hairline ONLY, has also thinned and is falling out. These 2 things have started at the same time and I don't know if this is linked but I get a very stiff neck....
  • Dry/Flaky scalp - Hair Loss. What do I do?

    Hello. I have a very dry/flaky scalp. As a result of this, I am experiencing hair loss. I have tried numerous shampoos (E45, SP Wella Shampeeling - to name a few) but nothing has helped so far. I have been to a hair clinic but it didn't help me after trying for 3 months. Also, it was really expensive. I am 23, Male, live in a cold breezy weather and take hot showers. The flakiness/dryness causes dandruff type flakes all over my scalp. It thins the hair out and hair falls then. Attached is the....

  • 1 month ago

    Cystic acne , dark red acne spots , holes in face after acne and pimples , scalp psoriasis , major hair fall and hyperhydrosis

    Iam 20 and i have acnes all over my face since 10 years. I have scalp psoriasis since 12 years and i have hyperhidrosis since 12-13 years and i feel like dying because i tried everything but get no relief in return. I have very ugly face   visited almost 6-7 doctors but no medicine suits me. My acne spots are so so dark red . They are clearly visible. I have holes all over my face. And above all i have major hairfall since 2 months. I loose almost 300+ strands per day . I literally feel like dying....