• 8 days ago

    Is this just a pimple?

    Hi, I woke up with two huge pimples about a week ago. The first one was near my mouth and the second one is on the back of neck. I popped the first one (and left a red spot), which took a lot of time. It had pus inside. This one is harder and more painful, so I can't pop it. Is it just a very bad pimple that will go away eventually?


  • 1 day ago

    RE: Is this just a pimple?

    It looks to me like it might be a boil although I'm no doctor. I've had them a couple times and they are just basically an infected hair follicle. I wouldn't try to pop it, especially since it's painful. Have you tried putting a warm, slightly wet towel on it a couple times a day? That should help it drain. If it doesn't you might need to see a doctor so that they can drain it in the office (sounds a lot worse than it is).