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  • 15 hours ago

    I want to get rid of back acne.

    I am suffering from back acne for a long time now, and it is very annoying. I want to know some simple remedies to get rid of it.
  • 1 day ago

    Dry Skin on Face/Arms (Eczema?)

    I'm 17 and a Male, and for a few years I've had red/dry skin on my face/insides of my elbows. It only sprouts up sometimes, but it is usually most noticeable on my face. It stretches from below my eyes down to about halfway down my cheeks, and when it flares up sometimes it stretches above my eyes, covering my eyelids as well. It seems to recede with more water, but the redness on my face doesn't ever entirely go away. It also seems to get worse in the winter. I'm never in heavy contact....
  • 1 day ago

    Two bites/scrapes randomly appeared

    These two round bites/scraps/i am unsure appeared a few days ago and I didn't think much about it. today they are purplish around them and have dried looking skin in the center. what are these? ps i am unsure of how to add a photo
  • 1 day ago

    Painful cyst on my upper back/arm - What could be the cause?

    I have a painful cyst (I'm assuming 'cyst' is the right term to use here) on my upper back/arm. It feels very hard and is sometimes normal colour - matching the colour of the rest of my skin - sometimes a purpleish colour. I went to the doctor about a month ago and she said she believed it was an inflamed sweat gland and prescribed medication; however, the meds haven't helped and the area still hurts a lot. The size hasn't gone down any and I finished the meds a while ago. Any....
  • 2 days ago

    Extremely long lasting lip problem

    I've got something near my lower lip. Not sure if I should call it a wound, a scar, or anything else. It doesn't hurt at all, it just doesn't look good. It's probably been here about 2 years now. Any idea what this is or how to treat it? I'm not on any meds, not sexually active, and have a pretty clean diet. I have a small zit on the left side of it in the picture.

  • 3 days ago

    How do I get rid of this cracked skin

    I have a single finger tip that has dried and cracked skin the rest of my hands and fingers do not have this problem. No matter what I do no matter what I use nothing has worked. What is it first of all. How do I fix it second Third why does it not spread?

  • 3 days ago

    Dark spot under lips

    I have had this dark spot under my lips but above my chin for around five months. It isn't rough or anything and I just want to get rid of it. It is really ugly and it looks terrible. I have my homecoming dance in around 25 days and I would be much more confident without this dark spot. Please help. The picture attached is exactly what my condition looks like but it isn't me. Please tell me what to do. I have tried spot treatments, scar creams, and so many other things.

  • 3 days ago

    Small Painless Red Dots on Arms

    I've been noticing these red dots on my arms and hands. They're smooth and painless, and barely the size of the tip of a pen. They disappear when I push on them and come back when I let go. There's not many of them, but enough that I noticed them.
  • 3 days ago

    Does anyone know what this is on my hand?

    I have had this for about 8 months or so. It's hard.... it is not getting bigger nor is it getting smaller. It doesn't itch it does hurt when I accidently bang it against something but than the hurt goes away. It's irritating that it's not going away. What is it? How do I get rid of it?

  • 5 days ago

    Fore head burn at 420°, peripheral pain around head

    I was straightening my bangs and got bumped bouncing the hot straightener off my forehead. This resulted in blisters forming from my hairline into my eyebrow! The swelling continued to grow for two days, this is day 5 and I'm getting stabbing pains in front of my ears and top of my head and just under my jaw, like were lymph nodes are. Why is this happening? It's only on the side the burn is located and didn't happen before the burn so I think they must be related. The blisters are still....