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  • 22 hours ago

    Fading Varicose Veins By Improving Your Microcirculation

    Most common causes of spider veins: 1) Heredity. 2) Blood circulation problems. 3) Prolonged standing. 4) Sitting in the same position for polonged periods of time. 5) Sedentarism (contributes to poor blood circulation). 6) Vein inflammation (phlebitis). Also causes varicose veins.
  • 1 day ago

    Neck rash

    I've had a rash on my neck for a week, it doesn't itch much but it keeps spreading and spreading. I'd post a pic if I could but the best way to describe it is skin turning pink in small, barely raised bumps. Should I keep waiting or see a doctor?
  • I used Freeze away on skin tag on shaft of penis- color turned dark/ black and appears to be even bigger?

    Is this a part of the recovery? or did I make things worse for myself?
  • 1 day ago

    Bariatric surgery skin skin skin.

    I don't know about the "beauty" part of this category. However, I had bariatric surgery several years ago, AFTER menopause. I had not considered myself to be especially vain about my looks, but I guess I am. I was not informed at the time that my skin would not "bounce back" after this surgery--I should have asked, or done more research, but didn't know that. The skin on the lower half of my face; cheeks, mouth, chin line; and skin of my ENTIRE neck doesn't just droop....
  • Mouth wrinkles

    Is there something that works to take away mouth wrinkles?
  • Nails looking weird

    My nails since last about August September been looking fair and have a white band then resumes normal color with a little strip of red. I will try to attach photo , blood work came back fine any ideas?
  • 2 days ago

    Scaly, Dark Rash That keeps reoccurring?

    So I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid Graves Disease about two years ago, and have had a goiter for about 80% of those two years consistently. I don't know if it has something to do with this, but I've been having this rash appear and disappear for about a year (so far it's appeared 3 times) and I don't know how to treat it or where it comes from. 1st: the first time this has ever occurred, all of a sudden I felt this burning/itching sensation on my neck, specifically on each side....
  • 2 days ago

    Permanent red spot on nose

    I have what looks like an infected pimple of some description on my nose that won't go away. It's been there for at least a year. I've tried not only antiseptic creams but also steroid creams and antibiotic cream from my doctor. Nothing seems to have any effect. What should I do? Thanks.
  • 3 days ago

    Strange skin on lower legs

    My 37 y/o son has his lower leg turning a blotchy brownish red color it's not raised but kind of sunken. It doesn't itch but did say when he got in a hot tub it tingeled . And his skin is getting hard and thin. He won't go see a doctor because no job no insurance and no brains. Has anyone ever heard of anyone having anything like this? I m very concerned for him he is over weight about 300lbs. and about 5'7".
  • 3 days ago

    Didn't give up

    After trying many things on my perioral dermatitis a coworker introduced me to Lavender Oil. I discontinued all lotions and makeup and saturated the rash multiple times daily and I could see a difference within 12 hours. I am now on day 3 and you can hardly see it. Learn from my error, no matter what it looks like or how bad it itches, don't pick the scales or dry skin. It will only cause you a setback. I used Doterra Lavender oil, got it on amizon.