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  • 8 hours ago

    Cystic acne , dark red acne spots , holes in face after acne and pimples , scalp psoriasis , major hair fall and hyperhydrosis

    Iam 20 and i have acnes all over my face since 10 years. I have scalp psoriasis since 12 years and i have hyperhidrosis since 12-13 years and i feel like dying because i tried everything but get no relief in return. I have very ugly face   visited almost 6-7 doctors but no medicine suits me. My acne spots are so so dark red . They are clearly visible. I have holes all over my face. And above all i have major hairfall since 2 months. I loose almost 300+ strands per day . I literally feel like dying....
  • 15 hours ago

    Rash after being dishwasher for 9 months. Stopped working in Nov but rash has stayed and gotten worse

    I worked as a dishwasher for about 9 months until November of 2016, it has now been about 5 months since I stopped working there. When I started working there I got a rash on my hand that I have been treating with Cortisone 10 Intensive Healing Formula. It used to help but it now only calms it for a little bit and it comes back on a regular basis. Now it dries up worse and turns white. It gets itchier than I ever remember it being. It is starting to look like a huge scar on my hand. I'm not sure....

  • 1 day ago

    Hair Straightener burn

    Burned my shoulder with the hair straightener a week ago. I got a burn and it developed into a scab. I picked at the scab a couple times and now there are two raised red bumps around the scab and the muscles in my arm are very very sore. Whats going on?

  • Help diagnosing discoloration on skin

    The skin discoloration is red and blotchy on both lower limbs between the knee and the ankles. It has been here for two days and feels itchy and gives off a burning sensation.
  • 1 day ago

    Bumps on scalp

    They don't itch or hurt. Just look ugly. They are like small little white/red bumps. Does anyone know what they are and if it can be treated? I did used to have really bad acne on my face but not sure id this acne related.

  • 9 days ago

    Rash on back that spreads to my face and arm

    5 days ago my back start itching at night for no reason so I didn't care and scratched whenever it itches.tomorrow came and I saw I have a big rash on one side so I don't scratch it,2nd day came and I saw the other side of my back now has a rash too,I scratch at night,3rd day came and I saw a wound bleeding it stopped after 10 minutes and I used "katinko"as a scratch reliever.4th day came and my face now has a little wound for no reason I didn't scratch it.5th day came and I....
  • 3 days ago

    Wart removal

    I had a wart from my thumb removed by having it cut out after several tries of having it removed by cryotherapy. Prior to having it cut out the doctor did not mention any chance of scarring. After it was removed I was told that it would leave a scar. I am wondering if anyone else has had a scar from having a wart removed and if so how bad is the final result? I had the surgery 4 weeks ago. I posted a picture from 2 weeks ago and one from today. Is it reasonable to expect the swelling to go down and....

  • 4 days ago

    Burned a chunk of skin off - Applied Aloe Vera now dark brown - URGENT

    I had a bath two days ago and it was hot - 105+ degrees I than submerged my face in the water (terrible idea i know). However I than got out dried off and a chunk of skin near my eyebrow peeled off. I wasn't to worried because it was a pinkish flesh like sore, but was okay. But thought I'd apply Aloe Vera - right from the plant- to help speed it up. BAD IDEA it turned the wound a dark purple. I have a huge event for our wedding this Saturday and need help ASAP - I have a hydrocortisone cream....

  • 4 days ago

    News Flash: White Wine May Do No Favors for a Woman's Skin

    "Could that glass of Chardonnay affect the condition of your skin? Maybe, according to new research that found women with certain drinking patterns had a higher risk of developing rosacea, an inflammatory skin condition." You can read more about what researchers found here: What are your thoughts? Does alcohol cause your rosacea to flare up?
  • 4 days ago

    Is this just a pimple?

    Hi, I woke up with two huge pimples about a week ago. The first one was near my mouth and the second one is on the back of neck. I popped the first one (and left a red spot), which took a lot of time. It had pus inside. This one is harder and more painful, so I can't pop it. Is it just a very bad pimple that will go away eventually?