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  • 5 minutes ago

    Unknown bite

    I got this bite on my leg last Monday so it has been there for 5 days. It immediately swelled to the circumference of a mug, was somewhat itchy and numb and became rock hard. It is still there, the swelling has reduced a little but is still hard and numb. My OH had a go at squeezing whatever it was out (which may be why it is the colour it is) but nothing came out but a little blood. I haven't noticed any other symptoms but it is really frustrating. The lump is visible through my work clothes....

  • 2 hours ago

    Zinc supplements for forehead acne?

    I have a lot of acne on my forehead (around 4 months). I heard that zinc could help with acne issues. Can I buy zinc supplements to treat my acne even if I do not have a zinc deficiency? I'm thinking about buying Nature Made's 30mg zinc tablets.
  • 2 hours ago

    Contact dermatitis (?) on scrotum and base of penis

    I have a long-distance girlfriend. About a month ago, she came to visit. We had a fair amount of sex, and we both got a little red and irritated in the genitals. A doctor at the nearby clinic said it was just contact dermatitis, possible from her stubble, and told me to use hydrocortisone 10 2x/day for a week. I did, and it went away. About a week ago, I went to visit my girlfriend, and after 2 days of having sex, I started to get raw and irritated again. Now, here's where it gets complicated....

  • 12 hours ago

    Blood Clots and Hair loss

    I realise that cancer patients pass away. But my grandmother has had a blood clot and a blood disease factor 5 Lider since the age of 20. She has lost tons of hair her meds cause hair loss and if she don't take them she dies. My question is could she get financial help with a wig? Cancer patients can but what about people who have that disease where they can't grow any hair? I feel at least my grandma should have equal opportunity as someone who has cancer. She is in lots of pain and a papercut....
  • 1 day ago

    healed knife cut now has hard bump under skin

    About 6 weeks ago I cut my fingertip (forefinger) with a knife. I went to urgent care and they gave me skin glue to keep it together. The skin is now healed and I'm starting to use it regularly. I now have a hard bump on the tip of my finger where I cut it. I now have to adjust my pen when I write and I feel it when I bang it. It was more sensitive to the touch a few days ago, but I've gotten used to it. It is still sensitive when I push on it or it hits something. Is this scar tissue or....

  • Bump on inner thigh with ring around it

    My left leg's inner thigh has a bump on it that I have had for a while now. The bump's color and height fluctuated over the years, going from my regular skin color to dark purpleish and from flat to a full on bump. These past two weeks the bump started to turn purple again and started to rise, which seemed usual to me since it's happened before. Earlier this week, however, it turned pretty dark and somewhat big. I tried to pick it off with my fingernail (which my mom has informed me not....

  • 1 day ago

    Skin rash that starts to peel. What are possible causes?

    Over a week ago my middle daughter got a rash on her hands. We've no idea why nor where it came from, but she got it. Now the rash has gone away, but in its place the skin of her hands are peeling. What are the possible causes of this?
  • 5 days ago

    Clearer Skins due to Acne without Soap as a Home Remedy.

    For clearer skins, use private parts residues. To get the residue, use a towel to wipe from your vagina or penis. Moreover, take your used underwear, run hot water on it then apply. Baking Soda as after-treatments are optional. If so, latter it in with soap while using.
  • 7 days ago

    I have had an unusual ingrown hair type of bump on the shaft of my penis since my late teens that will not go away

    So I have had this ingrown sort of hair towards the base of my penis on the bottom side for years now. Its sort of like 1 or 2 hair follicles, maybe more have gotten trapped under the skin but continued to grow and eventually created 3 slight openings around the outside edges of the bump. If I squeeze it and play around with it I am able to get some puss to come out and sometimes I able to tweeze some loose hairs out from in there. I will immediately sterilize it but this usually causes it to flare....
  • Fungus

    I have had this since I was about 11 years old, it all started with a dot. Over time it just began spreading more and more. I've gone to many doctors, they all give me antifungal creams. None of the creams work. It has now made it to my breast and my arm. What do I do? Where do I go?