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  • 1 day ago

    Pain in penis shaft

    I been having a pain in my penis shaft on and of (for about two months). I've haven't been sexually active (except masturbation) but I might have gotten it from trying to relive pressure points (not sure if that even is a thing, but felt like it) i felt in my penis and might have pressed to hard. Also did this unscientific penis stretches that i thought might help. But i do not thing they did and they might just worsened. So now try to do as little to my penis as i possibly can (no pun intended....
  • 2 days ago

    Can a vasectomy years ago cause dry flaking/itching skin on scrotum after sex?

    I had a vasectomy over 15 years ago and since then after sex I have dry and flaking skin on my scrotum that itches like crazy! I thought it might be the sperm that's blocked from the vasectomy that is supposed to re-absorb somehow, but I think it's slowly working it's way out through the top of one testicle. This only happens on the top of my right testicle near the base of my penis in about a 2" square area. The itching from the skin flaking here has driven me crazy for years, constantly....
  • 8 days ago

    Sharp Pain in glans penis during urination.

    Hi, I am having a sharp pain while urination in glans penis. It started one day before , I masturbated normally and there was little pain in muscles of penis which is usually happens if I masturbate on consecutive days. But after masturbation whenevr I am pain in glans penis during urination. Please suggest me what it can be? Any infection?
  • Has anyone had chronic penis head pain for years?

    I feel prickly sharp pain here and there, sometimes it feels like someone is placing a needle on my skin, and it happens all around the penis glands, never on the shaft. This has been going on for over 4 years. All STD tests negative multiple times. However, I have zero problems when I get an erection, never felt any pain then. This is driving me nuts, has anyone had chronic penile pain for years and years?
  • 13 days ago

    Got a circumcision about 8 days ago

    I got a circumcision about 8 days ago. Stitches are still there but slowly coming off. Bit of swelling too. I'm just curious as to if my penis size will return to it's usual size. Whenever I currently get an erection I'm only half of what I usually am. Is this normal? Thanks
  • 13 days ago

    Men's Underpants and Fertility

    I've seen conflicting evidence on whether or not tight men's underpants (briefs, boxer briefs, etc.) lower a man's sperm count. I wear briefs myself and don't want to have to switch to boxer shorts.
  • 15 days ago

    Penis Numbness after biking

    Kind of embarrassing but I did a bike race (Tri) that included a long bike race, swim and wore super-tight shorts for about 5 hours. Afterwards my penis was numb and continues to be 9 days after. Feeling has come back slowly but some numbness has continued in the head area. I can get an erection (more involuntary) still (though the numbness makes sex tougher) I have done a lot of cycling and feel like it's consistent w/ what I've read about the 'perinium' causing these issues. My....
  • 17 days ago

    Abuse of black men.

    Black men find it difficult to get professional medical attention, with respect for our dignity, privacy, and most of all, our safety. My last urological examination went beyond the usual women's empowerment exercise to a full-blown dominatrix exercise. When is the medical profession going to address this Issue? Men also have the need and right to control our bodies. In spite of psychological counseling provided by my insurance company, I continue to relive the abuse and assault on my genitals....
  • 19 days ago

    Hematuria: CT urogram or cytoscopy

    Hello, I had gross hematuria (red urine) a few weeks ago, with no pain, which lasted 4 days. I had blood tests which did not show anything wrong with kidney function. I had negative urine cytology. I had a CT urogram which was also negative. Is the CT urogram enough to exlude a bladder tumor or should I also carry out a cytoscopy? Thank you
  • 19 days ago

    Small bump on penis

    I have a small pimple like bump on the underside of the tip of my penis. I have had it for as long as I can remember. It has never bothered me at all. It hasn't changed size, color or shape. Recently I went to have a physical for a military job and was told I needed to get it checked out by a urologist. What is it?