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  • 27 days ago


    I have had severe sleep apnea for over 10 yrs. In addtion I have another disorder that I cannot find anyone who suffers like me. If I do not sleep at least 9 hrs I am exhaustef the next day like I never slept w/my cpap. I wake up several times per night but sometimes I cannot get back to sleep for 20 to 30 minutes. So the next day I am exhausted again!!!! I have been in my house for 3 days & my husband had to go on a trip without me. The Sleep Dr's assistant...I forgot what they are called....
  • 1 month ago

    In Extreme pain at night An have not slept for 3 months experiencing scary symptoms like compared to narcolepsy!

    I have been in horrific pain for 3 months straight no sleep an no meds for the pain it is horrific pain so I don’t sleep at night now I am experiencing narcolepsy type symptoms through out my day all the time is this common when in pain An no sleep for so long? I do not have Narcolepsy that’s the best way to describe what I’m doing sleep walking at work An don’t know where I’m at when I come to, falling asleep standing up while talking to fellow employees I never know when it’s going to hit it is....
  • 1 month ago

    News: Nerve 'Zap' Could Replace CPAP for Sleep Apnea

    People with more serious cases of sleep apnea may get lasting relief from an implanted nerve stimulator, a new study finds. Find out more here: Would you prefer this over your CPAP machine?
  • 1 month ago

    Low SP02 During CPAP Therapy

    Diagnosed with Sleep Apnea (complex - obstructive / central), I had my tonsils removed in hopes that would remedy my situation. It did help reduce my AHI from 50's to mid-20's, but my sleeping has not improved and I continue to wake up throughout the night and feel fatigued in the morning, day and night. I've lost my mental sharpness and have become very irritable which has taken its toll on me personally and professionally. So I did an experiment in an effort to narrow down the scope....

  • 1 month ago

    Central sleep apnea

    Even with CPAP ASV, I'm averaging 4 hours a night in 2 hour blocks. I've been on the machine for about 4 months and nothing has gotten better... But when I wake up, I have discolored legs with swelling on both sides even keeping my feet elevated. When I get up to move, it feels like gravity was turned way up. What can cause all this? Up till 2 years ago, I had no issues at all. I'm 37.
  • 1 month ago

    Possible sleep apnea? Should I be worried?

    Sleep has always been an issue for me but in recent months I've noticed it's worsened and I'm actually scared of sleep as it feels like my heart is going to stop! Yes- I have suffered and do suffer from anxiety and depression, I'm a massive hypercondriac and I don't have the best mental health however, I have many physical symptoms, these are symtoms at night; Tingling toes numb arms hands, feeling of cutting circulation, Lying down something always goes dumb- even if I'm....
  • 1 month ago

    Has anyone had Inspire implanted to improve sleep apnea?

    I am concerned about the size of this implant and problems that people had with it after it was implanted. If you have had these implants, I would really like to know how it has felt to you. And did it work? I am considering this surgery because I can only wear a CPAP mask for very limited amounts of time due to skin inflammation and bone bruising caused by a single Prolia injection five years ago. I just found out that I now have severe sleep apnea. My thanks to anyone who has actual experience....
  • 2 months ago

    Restless Leg Syndrome

    I frequently have restless legs at night, with twitching legs, toes and feet, and I just can't get comfortable enough to fall asleep. Sometimes I have terrible leg cramps that only can be helped a warm heating pad. I've had the restless legs for many years, and only recently, my doctor called the problem "Restless Leg Syndrome" and prescribed Ropinirole. It has helped enormously! I take 2mg before bed. Perhaps it will help with the involuntary twitching and jerking of muscles some....
  • 3 months ago

    Sleep study question

    We have an 18 month old with chiari malformation type 1. We're pretty sure he stops breathing at night so we had a sleep study done. They put the airflow sensor in his nose and it amplified his breathing to where I could hear it. There were multiple times where he went from sounding like Darth Vader with his breathing sounds, to were I could hear nothing, then after about 15 seconds or so, he'd start again. It's a holiday week, and I know it'll be at least another week before we find....
  • 3 months ago

    Severe Sleep Problems With Breathing, Muscles, And Even Spasms Possible

    So I was sleeping in my room, and my grandma heard a noise. She had ran into the room, and before I tell you what happened after she went in I want to notify you that I did not wake up during or right after the incident and did not notice anything strange when I did wake up. So as I was saying, she went in and saw me choking in my sleep, even not breathing at all. She said she went on the bed next to me and tried grabbing my arms to shake or move me, but when she did she told me my muscles were VERY....