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    Trouble sleeping?

    Hello, apologies for a long post.

    So about roughly 3 weeks ago one night I suddenly had trouble sleeping, it took me a long while to fall asleep and I ending up overthinking this and then thinking something wrong was with me. Since that night for a week afterwards I was extremely nervous to go to bed and was anxious in bed in case I struggled again to fall asleep which some nights I did. Once I get into bed too I don't feel like I want to go to sleep? After this I decided to cut caffeine out my diet and began to drink plenty of water so that my heart rate wasn't raised and the caffeine wouldn't disrupt my sleep. In addition to this I've been setting an alarm to get up earlier than usual so I don't oversleep. This has worked for a week I've been able to fall asleep so quickly with only a slight feeling of nervousness before bedtime. However, last night I've had the worst time falling asleep ever and it is currently 7 o'clock in the morning and I've literally not been to sleep. I lay in bed until about 4ish and then gave up. However, I don't feel as tired as I should for someone that hasn't slept all night? I am so annoyed because I've had such a good week of good sleep. I really don't understand what is going on with me and why this has suddenly began happening?

    If I consider anything stressful in my life at the moment it would be that I've had to do a dissertation for university that has had me quite worried. However I've almost finished that?

    I have been to the doctors during the first week and he wasn't much help.

    As some one who once loved sleep and could even nap through the day and still get to sleep (even caffeine drinks before bed), this is really worrying me.

    Thank you for any help, advice or responses


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    RE: Trouble sleeping?

    I should probably add that I am a 23 year old female who is no medication and is healthy.
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    RE: Trouble sleeping?


    The fact that you didn't feel as tired as you should after a night of "no sleep" is telling. This suggests that you in fact did sleep, but weren't aware of it because you were, well, asleep.

    Don't worry about that. Very common. Happens to pretty much everyone. Called "sleep state misperception". And for you that sounds like it's part of the solution.

    Meaning worry less will help turn off the negative mental fuel that's perpetuating your insomnia. There are many ways to do this, including deep diaphragmatic breathing combined with progressive muscle relaxation, or even the time-tested method of simply counting sheep to distract yourself.

    You should be confident that your mind-body system is sufficiently strong to get what sleep it requires no matter how much you worry. Hopefully that fact will help you let some of the negativity go.

    If this continues to bother you, a checkup with your doc may be in order to either treat or eliminate the worry over the possibility of an underlying medical issue. But it's likely you have none, as the majority of insomnia is primary.

    Look also at CBT-based adult sleep training methods. These work for most people and are completely drug free.
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        Thank you for your help! I've referred myself to some one for help :)
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    RE: Trouble sleeping?

    Reading your post makes me think your overthinking affects your sleeping disorder. To have a good night sleep, you need to clear up your mind and disregard bad thoughts because this is one factor that adds up to your sleeping distractions. I think everytime you are going to sleep, your brain is still busy with many thoughts and ifs. You need to learn how to relax your mind first. Another thing is that, maybe because you are not really tired at all because you still have energy to sustain for the rest of the day as you leave the bed. But if your feeling sleepy already lets say, in afternoon, try to take a nap.
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        Thank you for your comment. It is definitely my overthinking that is causing me to be unable to fall asleep. Which is very annoying. I have referred myself to some one and hopefully will start CBT