• 15 days ago

    Able to move body but unable to open eyes while having a dream

    I was having a dream which i can't fully remember but there was a point where i realized this was a dream but couldn't control what was happening. I knew something bad was about to happen but i couldn't open my eyes. I would assume that this was sleep paralysis but i could move my body in real life and was fully conscious other than the fact that my eyes were closed and i was having a dream. I was able to take my hand and pry my eyes open leading to me being awake. I was unable to find anything that sounded like this online and was wondering if someone could explain what this was.


  • 15 days ago

    RE: Able to move body but unable to open eyes while having a dream

    Bit confused about your post. You were "fully conscious" while you were dreaming? That doesn't make sense.

    I suspect in reality you were in some sort of a half-awake, half-asleep state, maybe something similar to what is described as a hypnapompic hallucination.

    If so, then sleep paralysis, which is common and harmless, sounds like a good bet.
      • 15 days ago
        Yeah i should've described that part better. Obviously if i was having a dream i wasn't fully conscious but i meant that i was aware that i was dreaming and could feel my surroundings. Thanks for the response