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    Go days with NO sleep and than get 8-7-10 hours and go again for days it's pathetic and I think it is slowly going to kill me.

    I have always (even as a newborn) my mom use to say I slept 12 hours at a time, she'd have to wake me to feed me and than back to sleep. When I started school and thru high school I would come home have to have a nap of at least 1-2 hours and go to bed at a regular time. I guess I used up all my sleeping hours, these past 8 years I've had insomnia horribly and I honestly think it could kill me.
    I have a very hard time falling asleep, not because of caffeine because most everything I drink is caffeine free, I love water too. I have asked the dr. for help and asked for something to help me sleep, he has me on Doxepin and immovane and they don't work, I don't know why I keep paying for them and taking them. He's tried several others. I don't sleep with my poor hubby this past year because tossing and turning would keep him awake and it wasn't fair. I use to shut the tv off, relax , read for a bit or talk to family for a bit on the phone.....still no sleep. I lay out in the livingroom now for the past year hoping I will fall asleep, sometimes I do for 3 hours or a good sleep of 8 hrs, than I go again for 2 to 3 days with either no sleep or 1-2 hours of sleep top. I 'm at my wits end. Has anyone got any suggestions...I've been thru a lot of serious health problems since 2000 and at one time was afraid to close my eyes thinking I would never wake up again, but I thought I got over that. My poor husband went thru the same in 1999, they had told him he had a heart attack, but he didn't it was a virus that hit the heart, even though they treated him with the CLOT BUSTING DRUG STREPTOKINASE , it almost killed him. But trust me he's long over losing sleep. He can fall asleep on a dime I swear. If you have suggestions please help me, I will try ALMOST anything.


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    RE: Go days with NO sleep and than get 8-7-10 hours and go again for days it's pathetic and I think it is slowly going to kill me.

    Hi, sorry to hear you're going through all this. My suggestion would be to first confirm with your doctor that you in fact have no underlying identifiable medical issues disrupting your sleep. If you do, continue to work with your doc to address those and your sleep should improve.

    But key is if you don't. If you don't have for instance a psychiatric disorder such as depression (doxepin is an anti-depressant) then you might consider the possibility that these pills are only treating the symptom, not the true root of the problem. Confirm this with your doc.

    If you have what's known as primary insomnia -- meaning sleep problems without an identifiable medical basis -- then you have the most common type. It typically is caused by some combination of bad sleep habits and excessive worry about the idea of sleep.

    CBT sleep training methods specifically designed for adults is what's typically recommended first for primary insomnia. CBT is cognitive behavioral therapy. It is entirely drug free and gets to the true root of the problem for most people. It helps most people who try it.

    If you are the self-help type, you'll find much good info about CBT sleep training for adults online if you search.
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        I thank you for your information, Talking to my doctor is not easy, I go to him and get reports back and all he is interested in is patting himself on the back because at first he told me I had to go into the hospital as an in patient in order to have this test done at all. In the meantime he had sent in a requisition, they were following up a "Barium Swallow Test" with a Modified Barium Swallow" Or "Cookie Test" as it was once known. I have a serious problem every since I had to have surgery for biopsies on my lungs 3 years ago. They had to cut the outside of my throat at the bottom just where the bone at the base of the throat turns into a "V" shape. Well a couple of weeks after initial healing I started having these problem, I've told my doctor now for just over 3 years. The physician and dietician who performed these tests seem to think it could have been a cut nerve which is hindering the little thing that cover the windpipe not to open and close properly. When I mentioned this he said well Dr.Clifton (an ear, nose and throat ) specialist checked my vocal cords back in 2015 while he was suppose to be checking my sinus's as I have a lot of allergies also. Now the Dr. and Dietician said that wouldn't have had nothing to do with the Nerve that was cut. SO One Dr. says one thing two more say something else, and I just don't get any proper answers but I am not told I have to Pure' my food. Everything I eat, swallow in small sips, add something that is called a "thickener" in everything I drink and use lots of gravies or sauces with my food. So as for the sleeping problem he wouldn't even address it. I know it's causing more health problems than enough, I have tried everything sit with the lights off and the room very quiet a half hour before I try to sleep. I CAN'T stand the heat and humidity, my husband won't let me use the air in the bedroom, So I now have been doing my best to grab sleep time in my lazy boy chair.
        I am just lost as for help with sleep. It makes me bitchy, flares my fibromyalgia , I don't need something for anxiety, I need something for sleep please...................
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        Considering all this background, you might consider asking for a referral to an MD who specializes in sleep. Be assured there are sleep improvement methods that will help you. Best whatever sleep improvement methods you use complement your treatment for the other medical issues. A sleep doc might be a very good person to get involved.