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  • 4 days ago

    Kissing and Herpes 2

    I have been exposed to and tested postive for Herpes 2. My husband has been tested and is negative. He is aware of my status. We have not had sex in any form since my exposure or for at least 6 months prior to my exposure. I have not had an outbreak or any signs or symptoms. We do french kiss though. Can I pass Herpes 2 to him by kissing him? I know that I can pass it to him during an outbreak if we have unprotected sex. I am, for now, only asking about open mouth kissing.
  • 4 days ago


    Today I noticed a small, (smaller then a pea) hard, round lump underneath the skin on the labia minora. Just one tiny bump. Doesn't hurt at all, (unless I press hard on it of course,) and I wouldn't have noticed it unless I was routinely checking myself (I'm just that way, I always make sure to look for any abnormalities.) I recently had a full panel STD test done a few weeks ago, and all came back negative, (except for HSV1. Which I must be asymptomatic since I have never had a cold....
  • 5 days ago

    My girlfriends ejaculate is not normal

    I was with my girlfriend for the first time in a few months.. She always squirts a lot when we have sex and its usually clearish sweet tasting. Yesterday when she was squirting I noticed it was yellowish in colour and smelled very pungent and tasted not well or like it usually does.. Like I said she hasnt came like that in a while so I thought it might just from being in there so long but something is just not right.. Neither of us have ever noticed it before and she was really upset and self concious....
  • 5 days ago


    My girlfriend and I just started having sex. She developed a irritation on her vagina. Also around her mouth. I then went to the dr. And was tested for std's. My tests came back clean. I take metoporol for blood pressure. Any advice for us, plz.?
  • 5 days ago


    I am so sorry to read the post regarding "hating sex", I am 100% the opposite but my suggestion to you is if you have a pastor please make an appointment and discuss this with educated people and maybe a counselor "A Christian faithful one Female if your more comfortable. Sex is the joining of 2 people that love each other and give yourself to each other, maybe you grew up with parents/grandparents telling you it was nasty and disgusting. I am most sad that you miss the truth and the....
  • 5 days ago

    Long Menstrual Period

    Hi there, The first 4 days of my menstrual period this month were lighter than usual and with thicker consistency. After than I just had light spotting, however, it is continuing till today - day 16. I went for a check up and was told the uterus is trying to clean itself up and was perscribed pills to stop the bleeding. However, if it's trying to clean itself up - why not let it? It is not heavy, nor even light bleeding. It's just spotting. Any advise?
  • 5 days ago

    Vaginal tear after sex

    Hi. This is pretty embarrassing but curious if i need to go see my Gyno. My boyfriend and I were having sex, as we normally would but I was slightly dry towards the end, which left me pretty sore the next day. It almost seemed to get worse as the day went and especially when I peed. It would burn REALLY bad, only on the actually skin that felt like it had been burned or torn. (Kind of like what a rug burn feels like, very tender to touch). Throughout the day it wasn't too bad but every time I....
  • 5 days ago

    A Strange spot on semen

    I always check my semen after I mastubate ( I have varicocele ), but there once time I had a tiny brown spot in my semen floating , not many just one spot floating , the spot doenst seem like liquid ( I didnt touch ) . I search on google and some people have spots on semen too , but they have many spots . If it not happens again then I shouldnt worry or should I ( it only happens once time though ) ? I do have pains time to time in my test but I think due to the varicocele .
  • 5 days ago

    Sex after Radical Prostatectomy

    5 years ago I needed my Prostate removed after tests indicated cancer, my Urologist was unable to spare my nerves around the gland, I have a reduced orgasm but often it feels very satisfying, I am concerned because I will always erect what I believe is urine during sex, is this common is it the same as urine? Any advice please.
  • 6 days ago

    Eczema or STD?

    I've had two rings (similar looking to ringworm) appear on my genitals, one on the head of my penis and another on the shaft. I believe I have some sort of eczema; when I was a teenager I had a patch of rings (that look exactly the same) breakout on my thigh. I also have a dry scalp and believe some of those rings may be on my scalp under my hair as well. I want to make sure these are not STD related and perhaps just a break out of my eczema.