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    Could this still be Herpes?

    Hi, i have a blister near my crack but on the inside of my butt cheek. I had one before but further up which left a scar. It hurts, sometimes itches. It's starting to get blue/black. I don't know if it's from messing with it. I took a std test twice and everything came up negative. Could this be Herpes?


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    RE: Could this still be Herpes?

    go to the doctor, why take chances
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    RE: Could this still be Herpes?

    I had an odd spot that started out by itching...woke up one morning and my belly button down inside and off to one side was itching. I went in and cleaned it well, put anti itch cream on it, and also mixed in some triple antibiotic cream (both over the counter). A few days later it was still itching, only worse...I looked and the side of my skin on one whole part & the bottom area was just missing! No skin and down to the fat layer. I went in to see the Dr. and he took one look at it and said he thought it was flesh eating bacteria! WELL! Hell, NO!

    He took a sample and gave me an RX...I waited a few days, and it kept getting worse...finally I heard from the Dr. he called and told me to go immediately to the hospital and he'd call and line up what tests I needed. I wound up there a week, had MRI and CT scans and they found that a fissure or tiny narrow hole shaped like a tornado had opened in the bottom of my belly button, and it went below all skin layers and then made a sharp left turn and settled into a small...less than 1 inch pool inside my body next to the left of my belly button, and below all skin layers. It was full of the bacteria. I had to have cleanings & dressing changes frequently, many times a day and they had to put a tube in my arm for the super strong medicine to kill it. The medicine destroyed my inside of my vein because it was so caustic, so they had to take me into surgery and put one in by my heart and I had a dangling tube coming out from between my boobs when I woke up, and a 1inch cut where they put it in up by my collar bone to thread down to my heart so the heart could pump and disburse the medicine quickly before it could burn up more tissue in my veins or arteries.

    I had that in me for fours months and had a nurse come to my house twice a day for the four months to give me the IV of medicine to kill the bacteria that was trying to kill me. I lost 30 pounds during that time because the medicine made me so sick, it was almost like chemo...had no appetite and even looking at a food commercial made my stomach roil. Smelling food of any kind was even worse!

    After 4 months they took a blood test and it was gone. If the medicine hadn't worked I'd probably not be here to tell you this: GO IMMEDIATELY to the Dr. and get blood work done. It could save your life!

    Some people who get this in say, a spider bite or other small beginning spot wind up losing a limb to save their life. Mine was in the middle of my body, what are they going to do...cut me in half?!

    If you don't KNOW what something is...do the only thing that makes sense with the kind of germs that are out there killing people (like MRSA and flesh eating bacteria) and get to the Dr. and find out in no uncertain terms what the hell it IS! Unless, of course, you don't like yourself very much, and have a strange attraction to dying a painful strange and hideous death!

    Best of luck to you! Hope it turns out to be nothing, but MUCH better safe than sorry!