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  • 3 days ago

    Some sort of Knee Injury

    A few days ago my little brother jumped on my knee while I had it extended and ever since when I have my knee bent in anyway it hurts, and when I get up and walk on it, it hurts even worse, it only hurts in the middle left side and upper left corner of the knee on my left leg.
  • 5 days ago

    Arm, back, jaw, headache??

    My upper back aches and burns across my shoulder blades and down my left arm. My arm often goes numb, with a pins and needles sensation. I get frequent headaches in my left eye. I grit my teeth a lot, especially in my sleep which leads to my jaw feeling 'locked' and stiff, again mainly on my left side. I can deal with the headaches, and the jaw pain. I only list them in the case that they may be related. The back and arm pain however, is driving me crazy. I've had imagery done on my neck....
  • 7 days ago

    pain during erection

    please i feel pain during erection no irritation neither burning during urination or ejaculation pain is inside as if penis is stretched strongly on pressing from outside on the surface of the penis but pain felt inside i visited a doctor specialty derma and genital organs he did an examination and urine test he told me nothing in the penis he told me to stop any intercourse and any activities specially after i told him i went to the gym he prescribed some b12 and analgesics but i still fell pain....
  • 5 days ago


    I have always gritted my teeth, especially in my sleep, but I notice it often during the day as well. My face hurts a lot, and I sometimes feel as if I have locked jaw. My teeth are very sensitive and I occasionally chip them from gritting. I have an overbite. I have a stuffy nose constantly. I get frequent headaches in my eye. My shoulders ache and burn, extending down my arm which goes numb and tingly with a heavy feeling. I've recently noticed these are all symptoms of TMJ or TMD. Honestly....
  • 16 days ago

    Cronin pain

    I have severe pain in my tail bone I take morphine 3 x a day and norco for brake through pain and it still does not help that much what else can I do?
  • 15 days ago

    Back Pain For Longer Than 6 Weeks

    Hello, my name is Ally and I have been experiencing back pain for longer than 6 weeks and it has not gotten better. If I could describe the pain its like a constant pain that is usually aching but gets sharper when I am walking, sitting, and laying down. I am 19 years old and I helped my friend move into his apartment in February which is when the pain started. I thought I had pulled the muscle and brushed it off but the pain has gotten progressively worse. Last week I kept waking up in the middle....
  • 6 days ago

    Painful lump on the buttocks

    I have a lump on the buttocks that grew pretty quickly in a few days, and now its real painful, hard to sit or stand without any pain. I thought it was a boil but it doesn't seem to be pussing up or popping anytime soon. I did a have a few times where I was freezing or really warm but that seems to have stopped. Do I need to see a dermatologist for this of someone else?
  • 7 days ago

    Squeaking Shoulder Pain

    I tore the cartilige in my rotator cuff 9 years ago and had it completely repaired. I never really had any problems, after surgery i would get Frozen Shoulder quite often because of the scar tissue. But as of recently my shoulder has been making a "Squeaking" or "creaking" noise like a door that needs WD40. It's incredibly painful and happens randomly when I go to rotate my shoulder or reach high for something. Not sure if this is normal/what I should do.
  • 1 month ago

    Herniated L5 - S1

    Hi, I have a herniated L5 S1 disc in my back. I have been dealing with it since 2007. Originally I received three or four Cortizone shots to help me be able to move and walk. After that, I went to physical therapy and developed a regimen of stretching that has helped. On a daily basis I would say that on a scale of 1 to 10, my pain level and discomfort level is pretty manageable and is probably at worst a a dull discomfort at around a 4 or 5. I actually do not take anything for it and just "suck....
  • shin splints or stress fracture..?

    hello everyone, I am very worried, today I have a track and field meet, I am a sprinter/long jumper, and I have had shin splints for a long time now. I recently noticed I have a bump on my shin that hurts along with a spot that hurts to touch.. for my meets I run about 100-200 meters and just practicing as normal, every lap I run just gets worse and worse and worse, and yesterday I decided to practice long jump and afterwards it hurt quite a bit, so I rested it and today it hurts to even hop on my....