• 8 days ago

    pain during erection

    please i feel pain during erection
    no irritation neither burning during urination or ejaculation pain is inside as if penis is stretched strongly
    on pressing from outside on the surface of the penis but pain felt inside
    i visited a doctor specialty derma and genital organs
    he did an examination and urine test he told me nothing in the penis
    he told me to stop any intercourse and any activities specially after i told him i went to the gym
    he prescribed some b12 and analgesics
    but i still fell pain during erection
    any help


  • RE: pain during erection

    Is it a skin issue? Because even the slightest chafing or irritation can cause some serious discomfort. If so, you want to use a creme called Man1 Man Oil. It is made just for the penis skin and both treats and prevents a number of skin issues. It is really good stuff that has helped me out in the past bigtime. Check it out. Hope this helps.