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    Back Pain For Longer Than 6 Weeks

    Hello, my name is Ally and I have been experiencing back pain for longer than 6 weeks and it has not gotten better. If I could describe the pain its like a constant pain that is usually aching but gets sharper when I am walking, sitting, and laying down. I am 19 years old and I helped my friend move into his apartment in February which is when the pain started. I thought I had pulled the muscle and brushed it off but the pain has gotten progressively worse. Last week I kept waking up in the middle of the night with severe nausea and back pain. Today I got out of my car and I couldn't even walk. I cannot bend down anymore, even slightly, without being in severe pain. It's very hard for me to get up, especially when I have been lying in bed or even just sitting down in a chair. The pain started in the lower left side of back, sometimes reaching all the way around to the other side and going up my spine. Recently however, the pain has been exclusively on the lower left side of my back, sometimes shooting up my spine, but also it is spreading to my left abdomen and middle abdomen. When I put pressure on my left leg it hurts my back and hip. I was bending down to pick up a towel a few days ago and my back, hip, and the entire left side of abdomen just screamed in pain and I let out a yell. What is going on with me and what should I do?


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    See your doctor right away. Research herniated disk to see if this might be a cause.
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        Wow your only 19 sounds like a herniated disc but usually that happens when you're older.You need to go to the ER now and tell them to do a MRI that will show what's going on with your back. Don't let them treat you like you just want pain melds because they will. I would think at your age just stay in bed for a week or two should help.
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    RE: Back Pain For Longer Than 6 Weeks

    Get to a doctor ASAP, Dont wait and push for the MRI. They will want to do an X ray and CAT scan first because its cheaper but wont show the problem and will take months. I have three ruptured discs and nothing showed till the MRI,