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    Injured at work.....herniated disk

    I was injured at my work on 12-19-2016. I had a MRI done on 12-22-16 and these were the results:
    Procedure: MRI SPINE LUMBAR WO CONTRAST (72148)

    Indication: Twisting injury to low back. Acute low back pain with
    numbness of right lower extremity. Tingling to left lower extremity.

    Technique: Multisequence, multiplanar MRI of the lumbar spine without
    IV contrast.

    Comparison: None

    Findings: Numbering assumes 5 lumbar type vertebrae. There is normal
    alignment without evidence of acute fracture or dislocation. Vertebral
    body heights are well-maintained. The visualized cord is within normal
    limits. The conus medullaris terminates at T12-L1. Normal marrow
    signal throughout. Paravertebral structures are unremarkable.

    A level by level analysis is as follows:

    T12-L1: There is no significant disc disease or stenosis.
    L1-L2: There is no significant disc disease or stenosis.
    L2-L3: There is no significant disc disease or stenosis.
    L3-L4: There is no significant disc disease or stenosis.
    L4-L5: There is a diffuse disc bulge with superimposed left posterior
    paracentral focal protrusion. This effaces the ventral thecal sac and
    the left lateral recess, abutting the descending nerve root. There is
    mild left but no significant right foraminal stenosis.
    L5-S1: There is no significant disc disease or stenosis.

    It is now 3 months later and I am unable to bend or reach my shoes/feet without intense pain in my lower back. I cannot stand or sit for any length of time without severe pain. I work as a nursing assistant and I am wondering if this is a safe job to return to, and what medical procedures if any, will fix my problem with my back so I can return to my previous job without fear of re-injury? As a side note I have been doing intense physical therapy 3x a week since 1-7-17.


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    RE: Injured at work.....herniated disk

    You doctor can best advise you about returning to work.
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    RE: Injured at work.....herniated disk

    If you can get a referral to a neurologist who specializes in back pain, that should help get you some clarity and choices. This sounds like a workers comp claim? If the disc is not herniated, then perhaps a steroid injection can help with the inflammation. There are options without surgery if the disc is in tact. Good luck! Back pain can be extremely painful and debilitating. Physical Therapy is not always the answer. It can actually irritate things more. Listen to your body and if the pain is the same or worse, perhaps discontinue it to see if there is a difference with or without it.
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    RE: Injured at work.....herniated disk

    The other discs seem normal. I would advise stretching exercises and start walking. I have spinal stenosis in 5 lumbar discs with bone on bone and a tumor on one. I work out in the gym 5 days a week and walk 1 1/2 miles 2 x daily. No meds. I am 78 years old and yes there is osteoarthritis. If you can work up to doing planks (you have no movement of lower back), they work great for strength of the lower back muscles. If all else fails go to a good pain management Dr. and get a spinal epidural at the point of pain.
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    RE: Injured at work.....herniated disk

    Try and avoid surgery most people have had back surgery end up regretting it more pain than before. I went to multiple neurosurgeons and they all told me that. Only have back surgery to regain mobility not to reduce pain. I have had spinal arthritis since I was 15 well over 40 years now ans still am not a candidate for surgery. A back injury often takes months to heal. What are you doing for pain management?