• 20 days ago

    Sharp Shooting Pain On Right Foot From Back Surgery (Help)

    Have been dealing with this sharp shooting pain in my right foot, specifically on the side of the last small toe for years now after having major fusion surgery that put me in ICU and almost lost my life. Tuesday 09-26-17 I had to go to the ER, because the pain just wouldn't go away. Took a extra pain killer, had the stimulator on for pain relief. The pain just would not go away. I know the pain is coming from the back due to nerve impingement. Revision surgery is not a option, to risky. There must be someone online here dealing with a similar situation. The ER was not much help. They tell me the pain is coming from my foot, not my back which is not true. All ER did was give me a scrip for painkillers and to followup with my doctor. The pain use to occur once and awhile, but yesterday was the worse. It's like sharp electric shocks. Have an appointment for xrays on the back. Please help this pain to go away.


  • 19 days ago

    RE: Sharp Shooting Pain On Right Foot From Back Surgery (Help)

    Correction Update: The sharp shooting pain is in the left foot, not the right foot. Also for clarification: There is a bone impinging on the spinal nerve. Thank you for reading.
  • 7 days ago

    RE: Sharp Shooting Pain On Right Foot From Back Surgery (Help)

    I had pain in my great toe and the outer two, after 4 lower back surgeries, and anterior fusion, it almost left, but was still some dull pain, It was shooting stinging pain, After the 3 years of surgeries, in the 80s, I'm doing better in the low back, leg an foot. Now I have terrible neck and upper back pain. I'm not a doc, but it takes time and something for the pain. If it comes to it, you may be a candidate for a Drazz, where they deaden the nerve to the area.
      • 6 days ago
        Ronn48: Thank you kindly for responding and sorry to hear about your circumstances. Will be doing a MRI on the back. Can you please clarify what Drazz is. Is this a temporary treatment. Did a google for Drazz and nothing for medical really comes up in the google search. Again, thank you and hope your day is going well.