• 27 days ago

    3 neck surgeries and still have pain. Help.

    I'm a healthy 43 year old male and a Marine Veteran here in Phx, AZ. I've had 2 major neck surgeries. First one was a C5-C7 fusion (In the front of my neck). The second was another neck fusion. This time they went in though back fusing the C6-C7 (on the right side).

    90% of my muscle spasm and pain is located on the right side of my neck. (No pain running down arms on either side). Here comes my question and the part you tell me i'm crazy. Since I had the 2nd surgery, the spasm will switch sides...actually move from one side to the other. Just by moving around, nothing too physical. Like a walk or siting at my desk. Boom! The pain will be gone on my right and onto the left. This has happened a few times even before the surgery. My thinking was if I take care of the bigger problem the other will go away. But no such luck.

    I've had this neck pain since 2005. C5-C7 fusion was done in 2014. The second fusion was done 2 weeks ago.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to reading this. I am a military veteran; therefore I will treat you with the utmost respect and honesty.



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    RE: 3 neck surgeries and still have pain. Help.

    Hi JRW,

    You are not crazy!!!! I have had a front fusion c-5-c7 in 2013 a front fusion on c3-c5 in 2014 and rods placed in the back of my neck for c3-c7 in 2016. As you are only two weeks out from your last surgery, you are still in the healing process. Also, please keep in mind you have put your body through an extreme trauma. I believe the recovery rate is a year and a half for posterior surgeries. My left side calmed down with time and healing, but every now and then it still gets angry. Ask your doctor for muscle relaxers, to calm down the spasms. Hope you feel Better soon! Patience is the key here.
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    RE: 3 neck surgeries and still have pain. Help.

    It may take 6 months to a year to stabilize, if they used bone which most of the time they do when they fuse back and neck joints, it takes at least a few months to stabilize. I would try to tuff it out an see. If unbearable, you may need more surgery, maybe a decompression. good luck