• Low back pain - getting desperate.

    I injured my back in yoga a couple years ago (hyperextension). It hasn't really been the same since then. I picked yoga back and was feeling discomfort in my low back. I started to have pain after standing for long periods of time, relieved by bending forward. I started seeing a physical therapist and it seemed to be helping at first. I was doing better so he progressed me to the next level (one-legged bridges, bands, etc.). It seemed fine but I woke up the next morning with pain around the top of the low back on both sides. It was pretty sharp and hurt with each step. I told the physical therapist about it and he said it sounded like a different issue and seemed to think it was stress. I started having numbness in the low back as well.

    That was almost a month ago. I decided to see a chiropractor, who told me I shouldn't do bridges. I wish I had listened. A couple weeks later, I went back to the physical therapist. He insisted bridges were fine. I did them and then a couple hours later had numbness. I woke up the next day to the worst pain I've had. I had an MRI done and they said I have a slightly protruding disc between l4 and l5 but nothing that explains my current pain. I am so much worst off than I was. Then a week and half ago, my dog jumped on me and I felt a sharp pain as I instinctively leaned back. That seemed to reaggravate it again. My pcp gave me a medrol prescription which helped a bit (haven't had numbness since I took it and I'm on the last day). From my tailbone to the mid-back, it feels tender, and I am having tightness, spasming and cramping. It just doesn't seem to be getting better. I'm getting married in a month and I'm so scared of feeling like this on our wedding day. No one can explain what's wrong and I'm starting to feel like it won't get better. I'm going to see a spine and pain specialist on Tuesday but I'm not optimistic. Please help!


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    I meant to add that I'm a 32 year old female and never had this problem before that yoga injury.
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    I am sorry you are going through this and fully understand. If you click on my username you can read my biography to see how I have been managing moderate to mostly severe chronic pain for over 40 years.

    What type of doctor is this "spine and pain specialist" you are seeing on Tuesday? You should be seeing a spinal orthopedic surgeon and/or a spinal neurosurgeon first. That doctor will order a fresh MRI, review the results, diagnose what is causing your pain and then recommend an effective treatment plan. You should have no further treatment, or do any type of yoga, until you have that accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan in place.

    I pray you find answers and relief soon.

      • Thanks Dave! I found out I actually have a tear in the disc but it's not herniated thankfully. They gave me steroid injections which I will get 3 times every 2 weeks. I think I'm already starting to feel some relief! I'm just so scared of being in pain on my wedding day and then in the long term, that it might not heal. From what I've researched, it seems like because they dont get much blood flow, they don't always heal, even after years, which is really scary. Has anyone on here experienced this before? I'm so scared.
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        Hello again. You are welcome.

        Drink plenty of water - several quarts per day. Staying hydrated helps heal any problems with discs in many cases. You can try glucosmine which I take daily and does help somewhat. If you are not sure what it is, do a yahoo or google search for more info. It is basically ground-up seashells and is usually combined with other things like chondroiten, MSM, manganese, other minerals and/or vitamin D3. Another supplement I take is Ceylon cinnamon. This is a specific type of cinnamon that helps with joint pain, blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol and other health conditions.

        Another suggestion would be to consider seeing a good chiropractor. Many people do not agree with their methods, but I have been having frequent chiropractic adjustments for 15 years. Two local neurosurgeons and my orthopedic surgeon have attested to the fact that my chiropractor has helped keep me functioning and so far out of a wheel chair. My chiro does a straight adjustment - no gizmos or disc decompression. I have found chiropractic adjustments very helpful for my chronic pain.

        I pray you have continued relief and have much less pain for you upcoming wedding.

      • Hi Dave,

        Thank you so much! I ordered a glucosamine supplement with MSM, turmeric and chondroiten - definitely worth a shot! I'll also try to increase my water intake. I'm just wondering how much the issue I had standing for extended periods of time prior to all this is related. I hope it is being addressed too.

        I actually started seeing a chiropractor right after the physical therapy incident. He actually helped quite a bit with my neck but didn't seem to help my back. I was only seeing him for a couple of weeks though and am taking a break until after the steroid injections are done. He was doing straight adjustments too and I wondered whether that was a good idea with how tight and inflamed I was. I was referred to him by a friend who had great success with him on a different issue. I guess my question is how do you know if they are a good chiropractor? I'm scared because I've heard a bad one can actually make things worse but I think I could really benefit from chiropractic in the long term. He has all good reviews but has only been in business for a few years. Just him and no other fancy gadgets or anything. Would love your thoughts on this. I feel like I made a lot of little decisions that worsened my problem in an attempt to improve it and don't want to do any more damage!