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    Constant pain for 3 years- No doctor is helping

    I am a 24 year old woman at 5'0” at 140 lbs. I and slightly over weight from taking an antidepressant 2 years ago. I have had extreme pain for the last 3+ years. It is my lower back, hips, groin, and leg pain. I have seen a total of 13 doctor's; general doctor's, spine surgeons, hip surgeons, pain management doctor, nerologists, and rhematologists. I have been partially diagnosed with random issues that aren't adding up to anything. I have fibromyalgia, uneven hips, scoliosis from the uneven hips, and a labral tear in my left hip. I was told at one point that I was over weight which is causing the pain, and to get on a bike to lose weight, I was then told by the next doctor if I get on a bike it would get significantly worse. I try to workout or exercise by walking, running, yoga, and basic weight lifting, all of these cause more pain. I can barely walk the day after working out and I don't even push myself that hard.
    I am having the worst pain in my lower back and right hip. On my worst days my pain is a 9 and I can't move, I have numbness and tingling down my legs. My right leg has nerve pain from my groin all the way down to the top of my foot. I have most recently seen a hip surgeon who is refusing to fix the tear in my hip because he isn't sure that is what's causing all of this pain. He is saying my case is too complicated. He just gave me an injection in my left hip which was supposed to numb it. It is creating more pain in my lower back making it more difficult to walk.
    I am tired of dealing with all of this pain, I have taken every type of anti inflammatory, gel rub anti inflammatory, and physical therapy for 2 years. I am currently taking tramadol at a low dose, which is barely getting rid of the pain. I have had xrays, MRI's, MRI's with contrast, and ultra sounds. The only information they got was my hips are uneven, and the slight tear in the left hip.
    I can't even work, this pain is making it so I can barely get of bed, let alone drive to work and stay there 8 hours for a shift. I just recently had to leave my job because I was in so much pain. I am wondering if anyone knows anything or can recommend a doctor/specialty to go to besides a pain management. Please help! I am getting married in about a year, and I would like to be able to lose weight and be completely pain free in my married life!!


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    RE: Constant pain for 3 years- No doctor is helping

    Sounds like si joint dysfunction. Only way to fix is surgery to stabilize si joint
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        Thank you for your response! Thats actually the diagnosis I got last September. I think the doctors were going to test to see if it is the SI joint and got distracted with the labral tear in my hip. I asked what happened to that diagnosis and never got a real response, and just yesterday the hip doctor I have been seeing called and dropped me as a patient because he doesn't think he can help.
        I do think that the si joint dysfunction would have been the best diagnosis. There's that surgery with the pins in the hip to stabilize. I am not sure my hip doctor was the right doctor for me anyway, he didn't seem to believe I was in pain at all.
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        I had this surgery on both sides and it helps
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    RE: Constant pain for 3 years- No doctor is helping

    I am so sorry you are going through this and fully understand. If you click on my username you can read my biography to see how I have been managing moderate to mostly severe chronic pain for over 40 years.

    I can only imagine the frustration you are feeling after seeing so many doctors and getting no answers and no real help. My recommendation would be to not give up. You have seen all the usual specialists with no lasting results. Keep doing your research and try to keep a positive attitude.

    I have had great success with regular chiropractic adjustments. This type of treatment is controversial and does not work for everyone. Two neurosurgeons and my orthopedic surgeon has advised me to continue and attests to the fact that my chiropractor has kept me fairly functional and out of a wheel chair so far. May people do not think chiropractors are "real" doctors and cause more damage than good. My experience is that the right chiropractor has as much education or even more than a medical doctor and is fully familiar with the human anatomy as well as nutrition. This would be an additional option for you to consider, which is what you are seeking. My chiropractor does what is called a "straight" adjustment - no gizmos or special equipment, he just gets my spine and hips in line which helps with the pain.

    I pray you find answers and relief soon.

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        Run don't walk away from a Chiropractor for severe back pain. They can only help when very conservative treatment is the best alternative. But if you have major issues they will definitely do much more harm than good and can in fact induce strokes, or other massive health consequences. And many times they are very reluctant to call for an ambulance because it "looks bad" when one shows up at a Chiropractic Clinic. I worked in a small office complex when the next door Chiropractor induced a stroke in a woman and by the time the ambulance showed up to take her to the ER she was brain dead!
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    RE: Constant pain for 3 years- No doctor is helping

    I will pray for you!I have been out of work for almost 3 month with work related injury. I told my workers comp doctor, she doesn't believe my issues, too.She wants me to do a fce, right now, I won't pass the evaluation .I feel like no one can help.,but after reading your message, it's a true inspiration for me to keep me.Thanks for sharing.
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    RE: Constant pain for 3 years- No doctor is helping

    Check with dr. Anthony Kwon in Charlotte nc
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    RE: Constant pain for 3 years- No doctor is helping

    I have a very similar situation. I wake up all night, as in, every 20 mins or so, actually screaming with pain starting in my left lower back, down left leg and into left foot. I've seen all the specialists you've listed as well. Thus far, the only results were seen on a lumbar mri, and an EMG of my two legs. The two diagnosis are, severe peripheral neuropathy of left leg, and the mri showed multiple compression fractures in lumbar spine, pinching nerves, called radiculopathy. As for the pain, I was given 100mg. of gabapentin, which I hate. Last neurosurgeon told me, "Well, nobody ever died from lack of sleep!" Duh! Like you, I'm both angry and fed up with daily medical appts, all to NO avail. Please have your lower spine checked out, again and again if need be. Yes, I've gotten two diagnoses, but still no treatment NOR pain relief at all! I wish u all the luck and hope in the world Dear! I for one, DO know and feel your pain! God bless you!!
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        I have Fibromyalgia and take 300 mg of Lyrica 2 x per day, as well as Cymbalta 60 mg 2 x per day (mostly for depression, but it helps somewhat with the pain).

        In addition, after I retired I started waking up in the middle of the night with pain shooting across my hips, whereas prior to that I had sciatica only in my right side. I can attest that going to the chiropractor helps. Mine is a woman who cares about my whole body health wise. Because I have osteoporosis and when I fall I break, my chiropractor using an activator on me. It's amazing. The way she tells if my back needs adjusting (which it always does) is by checking to be sure my legs are the same length. I, too have scoliosis, but not bad enough to have surgery. After she adjusts my spine and my legs are the same length, I leave feeling great for about two weeks.

        Tramadol (because of my Cymbalta) gave me seizures. It took a year of having them before a doctor put the facts together.

        Good luck! You're awfully young to have this horrible disease called Fibromyalgia. It kicks my ass every single day. Like many others, I had an extremely active life for many years - even earning two Masters degrees as a single mom. My earlier years (even in high school) I always took 3 hr naps on Saturdays and Sundays. Perhaps I always had Fibromyalgia, but it took until age 55 before it put me down.

        Found I'm just rambling. Good luck, Honey.
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        Oh, and I forgot - I got a neurostimulator implanted in my lower back late June and most of my back pain I can stimulate out by turning it on and adjusting the electrical currents. Pain doctor implanted this.
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        100 mg of Gabapentine is a joke! The minimum dosage for neoropathic pain is 300 mg and I take 600 mgs at night before I go to bed. Whatever kind of doctor you are going to you need to switch immediately. Your doctor is unqualified to treat chronic pain and may be unqualified to give any kind of medical advice! I have suffered from chronic pain for about 33 years and I can assure you 100 mg of Gabapentine is not even in the realm of meaningful theraputic dosages for chronic pain! Find a real doctor preferably someone that is a pain specialist. And you might want to report your current doctor to your state medical board because he/she is a quack!
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    Dear Skilongly. I used to snow "ski longly" for many years & suspect this kicked off eventual development of my Osteoarthritis & Stenosis.

    Like most others who have replied, I too experience similar pain to your's and accompanying disability. I also agree you should never give up.

    I've spent the last 3 years consulting with doctors, many of whom astound me with their lack of understanding as to how to deal with the problem, yet always have some invasive procedure they think will work. 6 months I finally had surgery on L4/L5 that left me in worse shape than before surgery.

    Now, I have accepted a more unconventional approach is what's needed. I believe when one problem withinin the muscular skeletal system goes out of kilter, it causes additional problems, particularly in the back, hips, groin and leg/s. A Physiologist recommended I try taking one problem at a time and patiently work through this with yoga, massage and acupuncture. In my case, a weakened right leg due to a compressed nerve for which I had the surgery to fix, needs an orthodox brace and exercises to rebuild its strength. I'm pretty sure most of my pain and disability results from my leg's inability to land properly. So, the orthotic device is designed to stablize the leg while I exercise it to strengthen it. The best "doctoring" I ever had was administered by a masseuse. She helped me feel from my leg up, all the muscles & nerves that contribute to my pain. It was with this self knowledge that I began to adopt a strategy for correction, though I know I need to be patient & persistent. The acupuncture is for pain management (I hope). In any event, no one knows the mechanics that results in my pain better than me. This is not to say I don't need help, but certainly clinical trials are increasingly indicating invasive procedures like most recommended by Nuro surgeons simply don't work.

    We'll see, but my experience utilising "professionals" has been extremely unsatisfactory. Good luck.
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    RE: Constant pain for 3 years- No doctor is helping

    In 1954 an experimental spinal surgery was done on my spine, fusing almost 80% of my back at the time, no rod was used for support. My congenital disability over a long time progressively got worse, along with the pain I was bless because it did not prevent me from having a normal life.
    However the use of pain medication became a way of life around the time I was thirty years of age. Starting with aspirin and progressing today to Methadone and Hydrocodone both are of course some form of Opioid, one thing that I never see, or hear. Is the fact that these pain medications do work, and a large majority of people use them daily and with success.
    Today it seems that we must eliminate the availability of these medications to prevent drug abuses, or even death from Opioids. Instead of looking at the media environment and financial gains of the medical system advertising the use of all medication. It seems today that one out of every third advertisement is about some form of medication to benefit your body.
    Brain washing society and sadly setting up children to accept medication for just about anything that might be an issue with your health, or even beauty.
    Why punish those with pain by eliminating there medication, or making the process of obtaining these pain medications difficult and lengthily. It seems that the system is attacking those who are law abiding and following the directions with more big brother laws, and over reach. The medical model created this monster, along with our media, correct this first before attacking those who need these pain medications. Stop brainwashing society with fast cures, and fancy advertising...please.
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        I agree. I have ra with back issues (2 procedures) si joint problems (2 procedures). I take Ativan steroids hydrocodone numerous ra meds. All of these get me to where I’m still in constant pain but am alive. I’m very strict on the the taking of opioids but without them would have no life at all. Fact is the euphoria is NEVER there with these meds just a slight dip in pain level to make pain almost tolerable
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        10 Years ago after always leading a very active life, I was struck down by Guillain-Barre Syndrome. The good news is that I survived, the bad is that it left me with terrible peripheral neuropathy. AT the point of making the transition from life threatening to chronic nerve pain, my Neurologist suggested that the only thing that would ever offer me any substantial pain relief was Methadone. I was aghast and outraged that a renowned Neurologist would suggest a drug that was given to Heroin addicts. Fast forward 10 years I wish I had taken her up on the offer when it was made, now it would appear that it would be all but impossible to get it. Heaven's sake, I can only imagine what would happen at the paim clinic if I even suggested the Methadone option.

        Like you I take all my meds on time, according to the dosing instructions and I have never once ever had any feeling of euphoria. I have never had any concern for my monthly count like some very distinguished members of my family who have called on a regular basis asking me for drugs so they would pass their count. Never once have I acquiesed because if I did for one I would have to do it for all, and frankly if I can make it through my pain, you can make it through yours.

        So, for some reason the Government in its wonderful wisdom has decided that it will usurp the educated doctor's opinion, based upon history, exam, imaging and decide what the correct treatment should be. We can all see what has happened historically when government gets involved in anything, and leave people to live anguished lives.

        When I just have a bad night, because of anyone of a plethora reasons, I literally can spend a night in agony, crying out loud in pain that I cannot control, and I see my son at the end of my bed crying because I am crying, begging to allow me to give him permission to give me street drugs does not know the bounds of physical and mental torture. Of course I have never allowed it, but I have found that causing pain somewhere else interupts the pain signal, I have found that stomping my feet and clapping my hands may make it hurt more for a moment but somehow it hurts less for a moment too.

        So, for people like me, who were resistant to starting on pain medication and take and have use all available treatments some GOVERNMENT BUREAUCRAT is going to decide how much pain medicine I an ENTITLED to!

        Give me a break
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        I had good pain management in Phila. Pa dr for almost 17 yrs. DEA has closed a very careful safe dr and now I can't find a dr to treat me. I'm a 60 yr old disabled woman who's life was bearable , now uncontrollably , All due to DEA action or should I say over reactions!! Should I suffer maddening pain until I die? I'm lucky to have my rt leg & had other health problem at a younger age but now with age have new pain due to osteoperosis. Drs are to scared to treat ppl with unmanaged chronic pain with low dose opiates because of all dr closed by DEA. To many human are forced to go insane from pain or search out street meds to get relief taking their lives in the hands of ppl only wanting $ ,unlike my wonderful dr closed after 17 yrs of careful treatment. When does Big Government step back to let a human live a life without insane pain,? After 17 yrs of being able to sleep & breath without pain that makes normal expectation of basic life impossible?? Who will speak out for all patients like me, who need real pain relief not be non functioning like the Addict's portrayed on to many TV shows today?? Sad life of a 60 yr old disabled woman ????
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        Drs do. need to try, opiates, low dose on the proper patients.Why should older ppl with clear history with medical records suffer? Not all humans in severe pain should only be offered methadone for pain relief!! That drug can do more damage in the body than proper use of low dose ER opiates. Medical community speak out for patients in deep need for dr today to speak out for them!! If not you, who else??? Do No Harm, am I wrong? Then why allow DEA to Harm the humans your needing to treat WITH NO HARM??
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        Sorry, I understand your situation. Your only solution would really be a Fentanyl transdermal patch, at least that is my guess. Those will definitely help your pain but they are dangerous and there are a number of ways that you can overdose using them such as applying heat to them accidentally, or breaking the portion that contains the fentanyl and again overdosing. You of course will need a pain specialist to prescribe them and to monitor your usage. You might also consider the newest type of Spinal Cord Stimulator which use a higher frequency current to block the pain signals. I am very close to using one of them because I have become too tolerant to opiods but am scared of the complications that might arise from the implantation of the spinal cord leads and the portion of the device that is implanted in your epidural space. Good luck, I understand your situation and hope you find some solution!!
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        I have to give you some information that you seem not to have received. Almost everyone receiving significant doses of Opiods are going to experience tolerance. Your body first will no longer experience the typical narcotic effects of the drug but you will still experience the reduced pain. But then you will begin to experience less and less of the beneficial effects of reduced pain. I am very close to the point where the Opiods are no longer providing much pain relief and will have to try a spinal cord stimulator. That is really my only option due to some of the issues with my failed back surgery syndrome. So I wish you well but want to warn you that your medication is not an extremely long term solution and you need to begin investigating your options. For many people radio nerve ablation (or using radiofrequency nerve ablation to burn the nerve so that it does not work for a year or two is a solution) for me that is not an option due to the issues with a failed back surgery fusion. Good Luck!
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    RE: Constant pain for 3 years- No doctor is helping

    Well a couple of comments, you clearly do not have a pain level of 9. You might think you have that level of pain but I can assure you that you are only dreaming that is your pain level. I have had pain levels of 9 and 10 and can assure you that you would definitely know if you had that level of pain. At a pain level of 10 there will be times where you pass out from the pain level.

    At a pain level of 9 or 10 the only way you get to the hospital is on a gurrney in the back of an ambulance so quit being melodramatic and recognize you simply do not have that level of pain. At a pain level of 9 I was conscious most of the time while in the ER on a treatment table and when the nurses walked by I would try to grab one so I could force them to give me something and they knew it because they would jump out of the way when I tried to grab one. At a pain level of 10 with third degree burns I was not completely conscious all the time so it was bad enough that I passed out during part of the trip to the ER. So no you have never had 9 or 10 pain levels and you better hope you never do.

    At a pain level of about 7 or 8 while I was suffering from Dengue Fever again in the ER, I had a frontal headache that was excrusiating. They kept giving me morphine and would ask if I felt better. I would say no and finally they said they could not give me any more because I might stop breathing. So no you probably have never had a pain level of 7 or 8 so quit whining.

    You need to learn how to deal with your pain and quit feeling sorry for yourself. After I have a fusion of verterbrate and other back surgery procedures I was told to get out of bed, I got maybe 50 feet down the hall and could not breath. The muscles in my chest had all gone into complete spasm and I was not sure if I could turn around much less get back to my bed. After maxing out my morphine pump I was able to slowly begin breathing again. So no you are clueless about what real pain is and you need to grow up and quit feeling sorry for yourself! I laugh when I hear people talk about their pain levels as being 9 or 10. When you have passed out from pain then you have experienced pain levels that might be 9 or 10 but if you are conscious you clearly do not have that level of pain!
      • Hey Anonymous with the 9 or 10 passout pain judging others pain who gave you the robe and gavel? I gave given birth to four individual live babies and never needed an lick's worth of anything except oxegen and lidocaine to stitch me up after ripping myself to s**t, so don't you go around judging anyone else's pain. I don't know the nature of your pain but obviously it is great and at times overwhelming.

        My pain happens to be nerve pain, which is also great and at times overwhelming and maybe " When you have passed out from pain then you have experienced pain levels that might be 9 or 10 but if you are conscious you clearly do not have that level of pain"I have indeed reached that merciful place and not recalled your famous passing out comment because my only last thought has been how can I make to the kitchen to get a knife to kill myself. Then I thankfully I find myself awake to have found that in my selfish desire for my release from pain, I did not leave a horrific scene to be replayed over and over and over again in my young son's mind.

        I don't know the pain of an amputee, I don't know the pain of someone with TBI, I don't know alot of pain but I sure as hell know mine and don't you ever feel it is your right to tell mehow my pain is asswipe I have the GOVERNMENT to do that!!!
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        Amen to that. Pain is so subjective and those who belittle it are medical bullies how dare they! I laid down to sleep about 1230 last night and 215 this morning I woke with 9 or 10 pain. I literally wanted to die. So for someone to tell me I don’t know what pain is is insulting. By the way I’ve had back hip shoulder sinus ( after osteomyelitis) and various other surgeries So I know of what I speak when comes to pain. But I never try to belittle other people’s pain That would show a lack of respect. Also have the gift of rheumatoid arthritis which after 4 years of different meds still not under control. But all you can do is get through each hour then get through day One at a time. Pray every night for those in pain to have a good tomorrow.
      • Thanks for having my back! Too many people try the divide and conquer approach, or my pain is worse than your pain when there is no possible clear definitive objective way to measure pain of individuals because well we're individuals!

        I am sorry for your pain it sounds terrible and so difficult to manage day to day, I wish you healing!
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        If you ever want to talk shout out to ozziehall