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  • 6 days ago

    Why Does My Body Ache?

    If your body aches all over, an infection, illness, or medicine you’ve taken might be to blame. Learn more about the different things that can make you achy:

  • 7 hours ago

    Back pain

    So about a week ago I went jumping on a trampoline and after I finished my lower back was a little sore and there was a small smoking of sharp pain when I tried to stretch it. This has happened to me once or twice before and it normally goes away after about a day or 2. However, now I have this sharp radiating pain whenever I go from sitting or standing to lying down. The pain is more in the middle of my back and but it only lasts for about 15 seconds before going away. After that initial pain, i....
  • 13 hours ago

    Medial Block Dysfunction

    I've been having right sided lower back pain for years. Treatment options included physical therapy, meds and steroid injections. Recently I've had a medial branch block that caused pain similar and intense as labor pains on the LEFT-SIDE back or kidney pain. The pain came in waves every 10- 12 hours, lasting about 1 - 1.5 hrs over the course of 2 days. At the recommendation of my pain management doc, another injection was recommended and I wasn't interested. I am on muscle relaxants....
  • 16 hours ago

    Dealing With Pain and New Laws

    I am 55 and well I was a guinea pig for Dr.s in my late 30's. My back at 35 was starting to really bother me so I saw a Neurologist and was informed I had Spinal Bifida ( Occulta) but not the nice one. He submitted for me to have surgery but they wanted to wait. At this time I had a bone growing on to my tailbone and it was trying to act like the joint that was above it when you bend over. Now I am 55 and around 44 I still was having so many problems with back and knee's. MRI showed from....
  • 16 hours ago

    Medical Marijuana

    Does anyone in Michigan have any experience with Medical Marijuana? Does it help? How does one get certified to get Medical Marijuana? What is the best variety? What is the best way to get it into your system?
  • 17 hours ago

    Hip labrum/ ACL

    I have a tear in each hip labrums and I also have a tear in my right ACL and meniscus. Any thoughts on surgery timelines?
  • 2 days ago

    How cope with chronic lower back pain.

    I've been suffering from lower back pain for over 20 years ago and I have gone through 5 plus surgeries, including a fusion, just over a year ago. I have been taking all sorts of meds and therapy for as long as I can remember. Nothing seems to work. I feel that this chronic conditions will have to be tolerated for the rest of my life. I'll be happy with any other sources available in dealing with my condition.
  • 3 days ago

    Statin pain

    Everybody who takes them say they have it: statin pain. All muscles, especially calf and biceps, ache and sometimes give way, making me lurch and fear falling. I've tried four different ones already. Any suggestions? Don't want to wreck my liver with Tylenol since statins can do that anyway! Not that Tylenol helps...I pedal on ellipticals two eighty-minute sessions a week, but walking is clumsy and I really don't want to fall!
  • Osteoarthritis

    Why is there pain meds for all types of arthritis except osteoarthritis?
  • 18 days ago

    Chest Pain

    I am 22 years old. I have been having very short deeply sharp chest pains for years now around the rib area, sometimes left, sometimes right. It's never the same. It keeps me from being able to move or breathe until it goes away. Has happened for the past couple years. Usually only last a minute or two. Now I am starting to get constant center chest/sternum pain. When I am not moving, it feels like pressure on my chest or like someone is trying to squeeze or crush it. When I DO move it gets worse....